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Guess what I heard

editorial@sierrastarDecember 23, 2013 

The chamber's year-long Mountain Bucks program got underway last week.

Since we are a small town, I feel one way to get people to 'shop local' is to "knock their socks off" with exceptional customer service. I know we can do it, just think of how you would like to be treated as a customer and treat the customers that way.

When I started thinking about this column, I did a run through on the stores I had shopped at this past week.

True Value employees were very helpful when we went in to purchase items to replace some busted pipes. I always get good, friendly service at Raley's. But, the exceptional service I received was at Dorsey's. They have one employee who really goes out of her way to help.

You can now go ice skating in Yosemite Valley and skiing at Badger Pass. You can now ski or skate. Take your preference. How about doing both in one day (maybe for the younger crowd)?

If we keep going along this line of thought, you just may think of Tenaya Lodge — it has ice skating and sleigh rides — all the fun things of winter and snow.

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