Quit trashing the community

Letters to the Editor - 12/19/13 edition

December 17, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Five years ago the Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce Foundation established a beautification program. At that time one of its projects was to provide benches and trash cans throughout the community with donations from local merchants. The purpose was to bring some continuity to the look of the area with places for people to sit and the availability of a trash can to assist with the roadside trash pick-up programs.

Over the years various business have emptied the trash cans near their business and some volunteers emptied others. Those of us who have to empty the trash cans want to share issues that have come up the last year or so.

One is that when we place trash bags into the containers they are removed by someone and trash then has to be picked out by hand — not a fun job. The other issue is that we are having to empty the trash cans more frequently because people are placing their home trash into the trash cans. These are not dumpsters and fill up quickly.

Our community depends upon the tourist that come to our town. It is not to our benefit to have trash flowing out of every trash can. If you can help with either one of these issues it would be appreciated by those doing the work.

Sandy Brinley, Oakhurst

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