Who owns the road?

Guest CommentaryDecember 17, 2013 

To the drivers who think the road means the middle of the road, the fools who drive 70 miles per hour down Deadwood Mountain, the recent city transplants who want to show the backwood mountain folk they are "King of the Road," the traffic laws also apply to you.

I may be the driver who is driving the speed limit down Deadwood Mountain. I may be the one remembering friends, friend's children or neighbors who lost their life because of a drunk driver or a fool like you.

I may be blinded by the headlights from your SUV or your "monster truck" tailgating me. Or I may be blinded by your failure to dim your head lights when you meet me in traffic. I am aware you can't see on a starless night, but your bright lights could cause me to go over the side of the hill.

I am sorry, I can not see the turn outs with your blinding lights behind me trying to make me go faster than the posted safe speed limit.

I may be someone older who is not comfortable driving at nights and had hoped to be home before dark so not to have to deal with your driving habits.

I may be a tourist who is not use to driving on the right side of the road.

Maybe I am the tourist who has never before driven on a mountain road. Maybe I am the new driver who is trying to learn the skill of driving. Remember? I am sure you were not born with your questionable driving skills.

I am tired of your middle finger salute as you pass me on a curve, in a no passing zone or in the "Rocky Cut" area.

I worry that I, or someone down the road, will be the victim of your careless driving. When I get to town, I often see you right in front of me sitting at the traffic light.

I am tired of coming up the road to my home and you fail to stop at your stop sign. I have the right of way, but I slam on my brakes to avoid hitting you as you pull out in front of me.

When there is a 25 mile an hour speed limit there is a reason. Maybe it is a dangerous curve or maybe our children walk home from school on this residential road. I pay my taxes so I also own a share of our roads. Think about all this next time you get behind the wheel.

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