Golden Christmas

editor@sierrastarDecember 10, 2013 

The Golden Chain Theatre's annual Christmas show, directed and choreographed by Patti Law-Poggi for the 46th consecutive year, brought out the Christmas spirit in all who attended.

Although attendance was a little down from previous years due to the storm that hit Oakhurst early Saturday morning, those who made their way to the theatre were treated to a delightful show, "Rollin' In dough In Mistletoe," with more than 40 performers taking the stage.

The Christmas melodrama by Marietta Slater, featured Jesse Swope (the most wicked, evil, dastardly, despicable villain ever), Will Skelton (bowlegged cowboy hero), Rachel Baker (heroine), Gunner Bernard (sheriff), Josh Hackney (business owner), and Allyssa Allison (mayor's wife).

The show also included 13 dance numbers by tiny tots, children, teens, Santa's elves, and the Grub Gulch Grannies, along with dancing cows, soldiers, elves, toys, a magic dragon, antique dolls and a dancing donkey.

"As I sit back and watch my show, one thing is evident — as well as learning to dance and act, these children are having fun," said Law-Poggi. "In fact, I swear the three-year-olds don't realize that they are performing — I feel they think they are coming to a party at Miss Patti's each week where we play games."

Santa's elves, Ron Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Erik Hurtaso, Dartland Muhly, Roy Allison and Michael Gaylord, nearly brought the house down performing the "12 Days of Christmas," beautifully sung by Robyn Wages.

Half of my elves are from H & L Lumber Co. and I'm sure they will get their share of 'ribbing' this week from the contractors and other customers who had the pleasure witness them as elves and cows.," Law-Poggi said. "One of them comes from Selma and another from Madera. They are one bundle of 'gentle giants' and I love them all. One of them told me ... "Whatever you're doing next year, count me in.""

Law-Poggi said she intends to present a children's melodrama in May.

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