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Community CorrespondentNovember 26, 2013 

Anyone who has done any measure of investigation into the subject of extraterrestrial unidentified flying objects (UFOs), or has seen television programs such as UFO Files or UFO Hunters, knows that overwhelming evidence exists that we are being visited by advanced beings not of the earth. Furthermore, as discussed in the series Ancient Aliens, such visitations may have occurred over tens-of-thousands of years.

The list of those attesting to the veracity of UFO sightings is as staggering as the witnesses are believable.

For example, several NASA astronauts have admitted seeing them, as have presidents and other high-ranking American political officials. Likewise, hundreds of extremely credible military personnel have told of their encounters, especially those who witnessed UFOs in the 1940s and 1950s and are no longer willing to observe the vows of secrecy they were forced to take long ago.

Overseas, some two dozen countries have officially released documents regarding contact with UFOs, and in many nations the existence of extraterrestrial (ET) visitation is taken for granted by a majority of the general population. The only reason for the widespread skepticism in the U.S. is because such a small percentage of Americans have been exposed to the substantial proof that exists regarding other-worldly visitors.

Although I have never personally witnessed a UFO, the research I undertook in writing "From Ancient Aliens to the Shift: The Grand Unified Theory," has left me with no doubt that our planet is indeed being visited by ETs. In fact, one of the more surprising results of my work has been the incredible number of people who, upon hearing of the book, have told me of experiences with apparent alien spacecraft that they or others they trust have had.

When I was interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM back in August of this year, callers from across the nation told of the incidents they had witnessed.

The same holds true in this area of California. Whether at official author events or simply mentioning the book to new acquaintances, time- after-time I have heard such reports from people spanning the entire spectrum of age and demographic divisions. Unfortunately, because of the widespread skepticism and derision in our society regarding the subject, few are willing to speak publicly about their encounters.

One perfect example is an Oakhurst couple, both of whom have positions of considerable respectability in an area establishment. Although declining to be named, they gave an extremely detailed report of how, when living near Palm Springs, the husband had twice seen UFOs in their area. Even more amazingly, their home was apparently visited by so-called "grey" aliens, one of the ET species spotted most often world-wide. In their case, said the wife, it was far from being an isolated event, because the family was visited "on a regular basis, at least four or five times per year." She further described how, surreptitiously using their peripheral vision, "we could see the aliens peeking through our windows."

Another surprising realization is that the Mountain Area, in fact, appears to be a UFO 'hotspot.' One of the best known local cases regards the "stick-like" aliens seen in Yosemite National Park. By searching on an Internet browser with the key words "YouTube Yosemite Stick-like Aliens" one can find several videos of the creatures captured on surveillance cameras. Because they have no torso or arms, only long legs and a small head, the alleged aliens are also known as "Night Crawlers."

The story has in fact been investigated by a team from the television program Fact or Faked. Unable to replicate the movements of the purported aliens, the team was forced to admit they could not prove the videos to be hoaxed. In fact, apparently community legends have described the creatures for decades, and they may even predate human arrival in the area.

One Mountain Area man also had his own strange experience in Yosemite. While residing in the park a few years ago, one night his room was silently illuminated from above by something appearing to be a spotlight. Since he could not hear the noise of a helicopter, the only man-made object which could produce such a light, he was forced to conclude that his home had been over-flown by a UFO.

There have been many sightings of unknown craft even closer than Yosemite, however. One elderly woman told me of two different experiences she had some years ago in the North Fork area. In one incident she saw a flight of three classic flying saucers, and in the other the craft was one of the acorn-shaped UFOs that have been seen numerous times around the world.

One possible explanation for all the activity in the area may be a 'stargate' rumored to be near North Fork.

Unlike the one featured in the movies and programs of the same name, the stargate would presumably be an entrance to a 'wormhole' through space. Also known as Einstein-Rosen bridges, wormholes would warp space in such a manner that vast intergalactic distances could be traversed in the blink of an eye. If UFOs were using an Einstein-Rosen bridge with a terminal near North Fork, it would certainly explain why so many unknown aerial craft are seen approaching or leaving this area.

It will be a great day for humanity when ET visitation is taken for granted and we instead start addressing the question of why they have, thus far, not deemed us worthy of inclusion in whatever intergalactic society might exist. This is particularly true given that, as I discussed in my book, official contact with aliens would most likely be an extremely positive event for our species, and would surely be the most profound day in the history of humanity — and countless Mountain Area residents could finally tell their stories of UFO encounters with no fear of public ridicule.

— Davis will participate in a book signing 4-6 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 8, at Branches books in Junction Plaza, corner of Highway 41 and Crane Valley Road (426). Other area authors at the signing will be Ruth Rosenthal, Paul Abram, and Lee Underwood.

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