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editorial@sierrastarNovember 12, 2013 

With the passing of the Fall Equinox we mark the closing days in the thirteenth year of the twenty first century. As the emerald leaves transition to golden shades of autumn, I find myself longing to slow down and breath in the beauty of our majestic mountains.

The spicy scent of seasoned pine burning in distant fireplaces floating on the evening breeze tickles the senses. With the first nip of Jack Frost we greet Fall, bidding farewell to the long blazing days of summer.

I watch in wonderment as lacy oak leaves rain to the ground below, wild birds hastily gathering caches of nuts and berries to ensure sustenance for the cold months ahead. With cooler temperatures I'm drawn to dust off my crock pot, to fill my home with the scents of delectable feasts and baked goods for loved ones.

Though I must admit it pains me to see my grapevines bare them themselves in preparation of their siesta. Harvesting the final bounty of my summer crop, bidding a due to the awe inspiring flutters of butterflies, floating bloom to bloom in the sanctuary of my flower garden lends a veil of melancholy.

I'm reassured in seeing the tender bladed spears of winter grasses pushing up through rain drenched earth blanketing the mountainsides that just days earlier were merely parched barren hills. As a rainbow trailing the end of a storm, this seems evidence of the magical beauty residing in each passing season.

With our clocks turning back sixty minutes, and darkness falling much earlier, the delights of Fall come to mind. There's nothing more heartwarming than spending a chilly evening gathered around a crackling fire, steaming hot cocoa in hand.

Such peace found lazily swaying, snuggled in a hammock, gazing up to the grandeur of the starry night sky, endlessly stretched above. Refreshing morning strolls through the crisp air awakens the senses. What better way to invigorate the soul after endless stretches of dreaded triple digit days.

This time of transition brings reason to reflect and celebrate, to gather together and be grateful for all we are afforded in this blessed space. In the coming weeks, as we better feather our nests, shifting coats and sweaters to the forefront of our closets might we take pause and be thankfully appreciative of the plentiful blessings our quaint little town extends.

With festive decorations flooding the shelves of our favorite stores, and holiday sides filling the isles may we remember those less fortunate living all around us. And in so, find it in our hearts to share of our surplus with needy friends, to help in some way make the autumnal months a memorable time filled with graciousness for all.

There's something enchanting this time of year about an afternoon visit to the local café. The warm creamy goodness of a delectable steamy beverage lingering on the pallet as you peruse a favored novel, magazine or newspaper. Gazing across the room, spying friends engaged in a rousing game of Scrabble, a couple sitting close at a table set for two sharing whispers and smiles.

Platters of mouthwatering decadent pastries, quiches, cookies and the like, beckoning from the counter. The heavenly scent of fresh ground coffee beans intermingled with the mesmerizing symphony of baristas frothing and foaming milk filling the air. What more could one ask for on a blustery day?

The presence of cooler weather offers up more than welcomed excuses to sport fluffy sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats and snuggly boots. Instead, look upon it as an opportunity to experience new adventures and even revisiting some old favorites.

Rather than grieving over fading tan lines let us look to the coming months with excitement and awe. Let's dust off our winter clothes, hunt up those snow boots and make the journey to Yosemite, or even escape for the day into the snowy wonderland of the High Sierras. Nothing compares to an afternoon cruise through mountains to visit the splendor of the giant sequoias in the Mariposa Grove, or lunching at the magnificent Ahwahnee Hotel for a scrumptious feast of organic, locally grown, sustainably-harvested entrees within the breathtaking 34 foot tall, floor-to-ceiling window encircled dinning room and bar.

How about blazing a trail through the various runs at Badger Pass, or even renting snow mobiles, cutting a path through the wild country all your own. Living this close to Heaven, the sky is the limit, inhibitions and excuses being our only reservation.

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