Leadership through actions

November 12, 2013 

When we look back in history we see the evidence of leadership through actions and words of great leaders. Franklin Roosevelt calmed a nation's economic fears a great deal with the phrase, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

Winston Churchill let the Nazi's know they were in for a fight with the words, "We will never surrender." When General Anthony McAullife responded back to the Nazi's demand for surrender during the Battle of the Bulge with the one word answer, "NUTS" it sent a clear message.

One thing these phrases and others like them have in common is that none of the speakers felt obligated to emphasize the meaning with the word "period." However; during the past presidential election our president stated more than 30 times that if we liked our health care insurance we would keep it, period. If we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor, period. When somebody states a position and then follows it with the spoken period it sends a stronger message that the speaker is absolutely clear and filled with purpose. No if's, and's, or buts. End of the story.

President BaJrrack Obama beat Mitt Romney by promising healthcare to everyone and there wouldn't be a cost to it. In fact, he promised often that the premiums for families would go down by $2,500. If the president had said this statement only once during the campaign, I would give him a pass on it as we all have said things that we wish we could restate in a better fashion. His staffers could have explained that what the president meant was something different than what he said. There is the rub — had those staffers announced that what the president meant was that we could keep our health car and our doctor if Obama liked our health care and doctor, period.

The law was already on the books and the president and his campaign staff knew that if they actually told the truth about their scheme then Romney would be sitting in the oval office. It was pure Chicago style politics at its best. Vilify the opponent and lie to the voters. I understand that during campaigns every politician stretches the truth and spins the story to look the best he/she can. That wasn't what the president did.

There wasn't a slight hint of a chance that our health care would be adversely affected from the Democrat party. They promised everyone free stuff and they stated those mean insurance companies were going to cover us even our pre-existing conditions. Twenty years ago when Carol and I got married she was diagnosed with cancer prior to our wedding date. My insurance company did not have a pre-existing condition ban so her medical was covered and they paid and paid and paid. Obama wasn't involved in any manner whatsoever.

The notion that folks can have a pre-existing condition and then signup for an individual care policy can't possibly work. Insurance companies and the policies work because millions of people pay premiums and hope we don't get sick. When some do, the companies take those pooled premium dollars out of the investment accounts which reduce premiums and they pay the doctor and the pharmacies. The companies take a profit for taking the risk.

Their actuaries follow the statistics so that the companies stay afloat. Under Obamacare a person can pay the $95 fine for not having insurance and then if they get really ill sign up for healthcare, avail themselves of the treatments and then drop the coverage. Try adding fire insurance on your house after the fire starts in the attic.

Getting back to the lie. It wasn't a mistaken talking point it was an intentional lie designed to make sure the election tipped toward the president. Their own notes now prove they knew much of what is beginning to happen would happen and they lied to keep control of not only the White House but of the health care of every American citizen. When Republicans were telling voters it wouldn't work the media painted Republicans as mean spirited and wanting to deny basic medical care to granny.

So the president decided that since fewer than 10% of the nation had no health care insurance and that more than 90% were covered it was better to mess with everyone's insurance plans. We are now hearing that as many as 68% of people will lose their current coverage in favor of the change into Obamacare. When asked about that the liberals tell us we had inferior coverage and we weren't happy and they know what is best for us.

Thanks to Obamacare the senior citizens amongst us will be able to get birth control along with Georgetown college student Sandra Fluck.

The president sold America a bill of goods and he knew he was a liar when he said it, period.

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