Suspected arsonists held to answer

Sierra StarNovember 7, 2013 

The Coarsegold couple arrested on arson charges were back in court Monday, Nov. 4, before Madera County Superior Court Judge Dale Blea to hear final testimony in preliminary hearings.

Judge Blea has held both Waterman and Jackson to answer and a new arraignment of information which is set for a Nov. 12 court date.

Kenneth Jackson, 40, and Allison Waterman, 46, were arrested June 25, in connection to a rash of fires started in Yosemite Lakes Park and the surrounding area.

The hearing is in regards to the 21 counts of arson alleged against Jackson (20 counts of arson of wildlands and one count of arson of an inhabited structure), along with one count of battery on a peace officer, and one count of resisting arrest, Keitz said. Jackson's bail is set at $500,000.

Waterman was originally charged with 10 counts of arson of wildlands. Her bail is also set at $500,000.

The couple share an additional charge: conspiracy to commit arson of wildlands and an inhabited structure.

Their charges were based upon evidence submitted to the DA's office.

Waterman's bail was initially set at $25,000. She was bailed out June 26, and re-arrested June 29. The couple is being tried together while using separate attorneys.

Jackson's attorney is Craig Collins of Madera, and Waterman's attorney is Greg Gross of Madera.

Waterman is being held to answer on 12 counts, meanwhile Jackson is being held to answer on all 21 counts he was originally charged with.

The Nov. 12 arraignment will be held at 8:30 a.m. in department 2 at the Madera County Superior Court.

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