Yosemite High School is Almost, Maine

Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy written by John Cariani and has seen immediate success since its introduction off-Broadway in 2006

awileman@sierrastar.comOctober 29, 2013 

With winter months approaching and with far less recreational options for people of the Mountain Area, now is a better time than ever to attend one of Yosemite High Schools plays.

In response to winter fever, YHS students will host the romantic comedy "Almost, Maine" on Thursday Nov. 21, at the Yosemite High School theatre located on the YHS campus at 50200 Road 427.

The play written by John Carina condenses nine different scenes into one play which all take place at the same time in the town of Almost, Maine where characters fall in and out of heartbreak.

The theme of this fall's play is, "to the world you may be but one, but to one you may be the world." The play involves many different character scenes that show all sides of love driven situations, leaving the audience captivated by the reality of love and how special, yet unforgiving it can sometimes be.

Play director Lars Thorson says he chose the play because of its dialogue and ability to showcase the characters one on one, giving the performers more exposure than normally seen in high schools plays.

Lars says he is excited about the upcoming show and is looking forward to seeing the students in an environment where they are praised for learning lines and expressing feelings.

"It requires a lot more serious acting and a lot more lines," Thorson said. "This play actually requires performers making a connection with someone else ... the characters they are playing are older and as actors they are trying to imagine what that is like."

Students involved in the performance practice four to five days a week during their 45 minute class session. They also spend outside time learning lines and practicing together during lunch and breaks where they can develop a relationship with each other which makes for better chemistry.

Senior Hannah McMechan, who plans to attend UCLA next year, said this play is much more demanding when it comes to learning lines but thinks this will allow the audience to connect with the characters.

"This play is a lot more about good acting, the only way it's going to work is if it is real and as genuine as you can make it," McMechan said. "I think the audience can connect to this better ... I think we as actors can focus more on our own acting."

All together the performers consist of seniors, juniors and sophomores. The crew has spent the last few weeks preparing for the play and are excited about being involved with this particular performance.

Thorson said it is a great date play and encourages members of the community to come and remember the romance they have experienced in their lives

"It is a chance to remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time, there are moments ... its a really good date play," Thorson said.

The YHS theater group host numerous plays throughout the year including an upcoming seniors project play and in the spring will bring the famous tale of Beauty and the Beast.

The cost of the performance is $7 for adults and $5 for students. The play starts at 7 p.m. and members of the Mountain Area are encouraged to attend this romantic comedy.

Details: (559)683-4667 Ex: 256

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