Sad times - part 1

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editorial@sierrastarOctober 29, 2013 

I have kept a jaundiced eye on our federal and state governments for more than 50 years. I have witnessed many instances of policy or legalized disagreements, but I have never experienced nor participated in such blatantly polarizing political warfare the likes of which we are now engaged.

We were once a nation proud of our God given freedoms. We not only treasure them, we fight and die for them so that those who follow can enjoy the liberty to try, struggle if you will, to succeed through our own efforts without massive and punitive burdens placed on us by our own government.

We now find ourselves under the thumb of a would-be dictator who refuses to admit his own mistakes, who sits at the head of our Executive Branch of government and, without the slightest notion of the importance of a balanced budget, spends our money like there's no tomorrow. He has demonstrated, by his actions, no appreciation for our Constitution, our freedom, or the sacrifices made to preserve them.

Put your thinking caps on. What would be your opinion of a Harvard graduate with no working experience, who is a United States Senator, and can't get a copy of his birth certificate for two and a half years? Wouldn't you be even more skeptical if he refused to provide his college transcripts? Would you welcome him into your family and hope he'll marry your daughter? Would you like to see him as president of the United States? Are you nuts?

What would you think if the head of your engineering department refused to even look at more than 40 requests to scrutinize a project that has the potential to sink your company? Would you castigate the person who strongly refuses to let damaged goods go through? What if the product in question is a new form of cancer on American freedom? Would you let the cancer spread until the idiot in charge of engineering just quietly takes his pension and goes off into the sunset? Why would you hold the head of the engineering department in high esteem and castigate the person who, regardless of the social barbs, says "no?"

The CEO of our company and his favorite department heads, are allowed to spend as they wish. His investments have been a bust for the most part, but no one seems to remember. Every time he runs low on funds he tells, not asks, the finance department to increase his credit limit. He has never shown an interest in budgeting except one time when he submitted a budget and everybody laughed. Do you really like this guy or are you just afraid of being called something nasty?

Far too many Americans have no understanding of our nation's history or of its importance or relevance. This is thanks to the "free," government provided, educational system. They also don't understand the mortal danger of socialism thanks to the same education. Columnist Alan Cheah takes pleasure in deriding the wealthy Koch brothers for their support of American principles and conservative values but will never mention the very wealthy George Soros who spends his millions on subversives and programs which support Marxism, socialism, and communism. To which ideology do you subscribe?

Why and how is this all happening? I'll tell you "how." When the takers, who believe that their fair share is in the pockets of those who earned their wages, out number those who actually earn their income, then socialism reigns. The "why" is a Godless culture demanding to be fed at the governmental trough. Like pigs, they wallow in self pity demanding the next bucket of whatever the master slops out. Our CEO has promised to fundamentally transform America. He has. I told you so.

If you like the policies of the current administration then I recommend you read "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky. It will show you very clearly where we're headed. If you are truly an American I recommend you read "The 5,000 Year Leap" by W. Cleon Skousen. This book will show you what made America the greatest nation in the world … so far.

The only people who got hurt in the phony government shutdown were hard working Americans. Every Senator and Representative who voted to "kick the can down the road" needs to have his or her "can" kicked down the road.

I'm pretty sure I'm (proudly) on Obama's NSA watch list.

These are indeed sad times.

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