Keeping pets healthy

October 22, 2013 

Halloween can be a fun and scary holiday, especially for pets. Some tips to keep your pets happy and safe include:

Candy is for humans only! Chocolate especially can make dogs very sick.

Sugarless candy and gum are even more toxic to pets because they contain xylitol that can cause severe changes to the pet's blood glucose and cause liver problems.

Be careful with decorations and costumes. Pets can chew on electrical wires that can cause burns to the mouth or even life-threatening shocks. Some pets even like to chew and swallow parts of the costumes or ornaments.

Make sure your pet doesn't dash outside when the front door is open. It is less stressful for them to just stay in a separate room away from all the activity.

It is best for all cats to be indoor cats, but especially on Halloween, all cats should be restricted to the house, black cats, of course, are in the most danger.

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