Bosco celebrates century

Milestones for 10/17/13 edition of the Sierra Star

October 15, 2013 

Adelina Bosco will be celebrating her 100 birthday on Oct. 28.

The eldest of nine children, Bosco was born in Roseto, Pa. to immigrant Italian parents shortly after their arrival at famous Ellis Island in 1913.

Dropping out of school before the 9th grade because she needed to help with the family, Lee, as she is often called, went to work at the Kaiser Hosiery Mills nearby, where the first nylon stockings were produced.

Her husband to be, Vincent, also worked in the mills and often helped her keep up with the demanding pace of the work. As a couple Lee and Vince later moved to New Jersey, then lived for a while in the Bronx, N.Y.

The world of entertainment later opened up for Lee as Vince began to pursue music as a guitar player with a quartet, playing night clubs in New York and New Jersey.

During World War II the band traveled up and down the East Coast entertaining troops by playing the jazz music of the time.

The couple later moved to Westminster in Orange County. Over the years Adelina and Vince traveled many times all over the United States by car and train, and spent a lot of time exploring Mexico and Canada making friends along the way.

She enjoys dancing and listening to music and is well known for her Italian cookies and meatballs.

Bosco has one son, Carl, two grandchildren, Charlie and Angela three great-grandchildren, Mescha, Dominic and Samuel.

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