Transformation is almost complete

Letters to the Editor - 10/17/13 edition

October 15, 2013 

Dear Editor,

What kind of government would purposely inflict pain on its citizens? During the so-called shut down most of the government is not affected. The decisions of what to do with the rest of the government are under control of the Obama administration, not the Republicans.

If you thought the national parks were held for "the people" to enjoy you are wrong. They are owned by a government that will tell you when you are allowed to so much as look at them. If you thought that privately funded memorials would stay open you are wrong. The government is spending more money to erect barricades and patrol the area to keep people out than it would cost to keep them open.

If you thought that privately operated attractions that actually returned a profit to the government would stay open (like the Claude Moor Colonial Farm and many others) you are wrong. If you believe that the government is of, by, and for the people, sorry you are wrong again.

President Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" the country. That transformation is almost complete.

I hope you enjoy living in a police state.

Les Lagerquist,

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