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atwoods@sti.netOctober 15, 2013 

A few years ago I made the comment in front of a couple of friends that I thought Barrack Obama was an idiot. One friend, who happens to be Republican, chided me that the president was a graduate of Harvard and Columbia and was a lawyer so, therefore, he would appreciate it a great deal if I would refrain from referring to our president as an idiot. I agreed to be more civil to the commander-in-chief.

During the past few years, I have grown to thinking that the term idiot might be the most complimentary term I could use about the president. I have referred to him in past columns as a tyrant and a thug. His Chicago-style politics, along with his inept leading from behind, has shown that there exists in the executive branch of our government a dearth of ability to lead. He is a fabulous campaigner and was apparently as successful as a community organizer, so much so that not one but two books were written about his exploits and accomplishments before he even ran for the office of president. The problem is that he wrote the books and even filled them with lies about things, including past girlfriends.

The president sunk to new lows last week. The Republicans get attacked for their "shutdown" of the government. The House has the constitutional authority to do the spending. All spending is to begin in the House. Please don't harp about the speaker who won't call for the up/down vote as championed by the president, the Senate, and the media lapdogs and pundits.

While it may seem silly that the House has voted 40 times to unfund Obamacare, I haven't heard the tyrant attack Harry Reid for not bringing even one of those votes to the floor of the Senate. Why not have a vote there and rebuke the House Republicans? It is because the man from Searchlight, Nevada knows that the Senate Democrats don't want to face the voters with that show of support on their records.

What happened to voting on a budget for three years? Where was the tyrant in that case? Heck, they can do it quickly as they don't believe in reading the bills before they pass them.

The president is mad and he is behaving like a spoiled child and not like a leader. He orders the slim down of the government and his minion's direct people, such as the National Park Service, to make the shutdown as painful as possible. Therefore, the president had veterans in wheelchairs in Washington to see the memorial to their honor and their heroics closed with more staff to block it than when it is open. They fought Hitler and the Empire of Japan — they disregarded the thug. He gave his blessings to a group of illegal immigrants to march on the Mall. Apparently he wants the votes of the undocumented more than he wants to pay tribute to the very folks who fought, bled, and died for that right to vote to exist.

We saw how he treated the Americans in Benghazi and how he hunted down those responsible. We saw how his cronies at the IRS are used to punish those who are not in agreement with the tyrant, and we have seen Eric Holders attitude toward getting to the bottom of Fast and Furious.

Those who are looking at Obamacare as the end-all had better realize that with the IRS running the enforcement, "Big Brother" will be watching and our healthcare may be doled out to those "in favor" faster than to those "out of favor."

This week we heard the Defense Department read a law in such a manner that this administration turned its back on the families of the fallen soldiers. The Fisher House Foundation is bridging the gap. Jay Carney refused to tell us when the president heard about this nightmare. I guess the president hides at times (remember 9/11/12?) but Carney stated the president was going to make it right for those families.

A unanimous vote in both the House and Senate is needed to correct this fouled-up mess and then the president states that since Fisher House is handling the matter, he won't sign the legislation.

That thug, tyrant, mean-spirited man who isn't worthy to carry the boots of any of those veterans has shown his disdain for our heroes and has shown his lack of respect for this country. He isn't fit to continue in office.

I have compared Obama to the Chicago thug. On that, I now must state that I am wrong in that comparison. The mobsters at least had the decency to honor their dead and to pay their respects to the widows and orphans. There is a code of honor among thieves.

This president is without any honor. An idiot? No — a tyrant, thug, and a disgrace.

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