Please explain

October 15, 2013 

From the vernacular of the "Old West," I'm calling out Susan Rowe, chair of the Madera County Democratic Party, and William Fjellbo, district five officer of the Madera County Democratic Party, to give us their official opinion, based upon the Democratic party platform, to explain the following dysfunctional actions, (not the words), of the Obama Administration:

Who exactly closed the WWII memorial, (actually the entire National Mall), to veterans but allowed illegal aliens, including the despicable Nancy Pelosi, access to hold a protest. California representative Pelosi even thanked President Obama for making it possible. Did our president pay to have barriers put up against our veterans, where no doors exist, while opening those same barriers to people here illegally? To whom is our president committed?

Who exactly withheld funding previously approved by President Obama for all fiscal military requirements, exempt from a government "shutdown," but now withholds pay and benefits, including death benefits for families of soldiers being killed in action, and falsely blames the "government shutdown."

Who exactly in our government included the shutdown of private businesses within the confines of our "shutdown" national parks? Why is the Obama administration inflecting punitive damage on American citizens outside their authority to "shutdown" government?

Why is our president so eager to negotiate with Syria, Russia, and Iran but publicly refuses to negotiate with our own House of Representatives?

Where did Mr. Obama get the idea that "his deal" must be done before negotiations are held and accuse the House of Representatives of holding our nation hostage?

If Obamacare is so good for our nation, why is Congress and major Obama supporters being exempted? That, my friends, is un-American and unconstitutional.

Why is President Obama blaming Republicans in Congress when he is the one refusing to negotiate?

Why are the major advantages President Obama promised regarding his healthcare plan turning out to be false?

Why are so many Americans still believing Mr. Obama's campaign drivel?

Actually I'm so outraged by the convoluted reasoning of the Obamacratic party, I can hardly write this column. Our current government "shutdown" is bringing a lot of skeletons out of our government's closet.

In March of 2006, Senator Obama said "America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership" when President Bush requested an increase of the national debt limit but now says it must be done to "pay the bills." Almost $7 trillion has been added to our national debt on his watch. I'm very sure he was correct in 2006.

He has unconstitutionally altered his healthcare scam, the "law of the land," to suit his political needs and no one has the cajones to bring him up on charges and impeach the rascal.

I've written many times that both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the mess in Washington and quite frankly, I'm encouraged that Senator Cruz has come forward to stand, "damn the torpedoes," for what he believes is right. It's about time someone quit playing the warm and fuzzy, compromising game of Washington politics.

By the way, wasn't it candidate Obama who said "no more business as usual in Washington?" Again, he was correct. Now it's the old Chicago-style, back room deals, my way or the highway, glib tongue with no action, that is spilling out of our White House and even perverting the English language. Despicable.

I tend to understand why our president won't release his college transcripts. They must really be that bad. Can a Harvard graduate really be so incompetent? His "change" to America is a totally socialistic train wreck. What patriot can be proud of what's going on in our government?

Even in Madera County, with title comes responsibility. If we hear nothing from our local Democratic Party leaders, we can only assume that they are as ashamed of this incompetent president as the rest of us.

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