Stop this madness

editorial@sierrastarOctober 15, 2013 

If I've learned anything during my 45 revolutions around the sun, it's which topics to refrain from broaching unless I'm up for a fierce debate. Generally, I refrain from political banter, but of late, I'm finding it increasingly challenging to bite my tongue.

With the delicate state of our country, our ever-beguiling leader's confusing positions, and the government's unscrupulous fiscal drain on our once-healthy economy, ignoring our precarious circumstances seems unpatriotic.

After all, isn't this 2013, not 1861? Have we not yet surpassed the time of biased uneducated opinions, exhausted the age of uninformed ignorance, blatant wasteful spending, and public suppression? As a united republic, why are we so deficient in the acknowledgment of truths, falling repeatedly for implausible promises, purposeful misleading half-truths and the like?

When did sacrificial funding of unconstitutional indoctrination and underhanded infringement of government-tainted educational programs become acceptable? The nauseating thought of such infectious despondence corrupting our youth and the very principles by which we were founded upon repulses me.

How long will we allow this disquieting deconstruction of our indispensable integrity to continue before America is rendered unequivocally un-influential?

Discontinuation of this complacent mindset directly attributing to the eminent decline of our nation is imperative to our very survival. As a whole, we must choose more scrupulously those we empower to govern us. Continue to vote on the basis of color, party, and the impending gender card rather than by values, past accomplishments, life fruits and the like, and it won't be long before this roller coaster derails permanently.

We must cease the useless bellyaching and snuff out the clandestine integration endangering our core values, suppressing our constitutional freedoms, and constricting our God given innate rights. In the shadows of this narcissistic culture, perhaps we should heed the words of John F. Kennedy — "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

Our jaundiced media muckraking brings to mind the words of the 1996 Sammy Kershaw hit 'Politics Religion and Her'. But if we choose to do nothing, refusing to breach these inflammatory issues, merely covering our ears, pretending that the problems will resolve themselves … we're in for a rude awakening.

We are caught in the midst of an unnecessary internal hostage situation as I write these very words, yet most view it as nothing more than an interesting topic of discussion around the water cooler, yet another temporary inconvenience of sorts. I beg to differ. How much sense does it make for our administration to be withholding death benefits from the widows of our war veterans?

Precisely what does the insane $300 million per day price tag for the government shutdown accomplish? Such abhorrent misuse of power should be illegal, yet we sit back taking our daily dose like good little children. Before long we'll barely resemble the commonwealth our blood, sweat, and tears forged from the once barren land — no longer possess the beloved autonomy that we so covet, being submitted to the same ambiguous restrictions that have suppressed the world's most constrained nations for generations. When will we stand against this fast-moving train of unwarranted suppression, and stop this psychotic integration?

Such oppressive strongholds are nothing more than our charlatan kingpin flexing his muscles in a thinly veiled attempt to segregate and further weaken the resolve of the American people. Simply a wolf-in-sheep's clothing offering freebees to those foolish enough to fall for the façade, too slothful to put in a day's work for honest pay.

We must stand united against the impending battle brewing just over the horizon, or simply choose to continue the ever growing surrender to the heresy, permanently abandoning our rights and freedoms.

If we don't stand united once and for all, the looming collapse of our beloved U.S. is inevitable. Break down the barriers of opinions, relinquish sides, surrender to the raw truth and discontinue capitulating to the toxic doctrine being dished out.

In more purposeful decision making, with more honest and open discussion, we can come together and make a stand, forging ahead to bring this great country back to its former glory. It starts with each and every one of us, right here, in this very moment. Don't look away, denial breeds destruction. Socialism is just one step away.

Let's stop this madness.

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