Cleanup: public urged to participate

— Keep Our Mountains Beautiful (KOMB).October 8, 2013 

Mountain Area organizations, businesses and residents are being asked to participate in a Roadside Litter Cleanup 8 a.m. - noon Saturday.

The event is sponsored by Keep Our Mountain Beautiful and Judy Linda, a members of the group, encourages the public to participate.

"We schedule these events twice a year (May and October), but unfortunately after a roadside has been thoroughly cleaned up, it doesn't stay that way," Linda said. "We don't expect everyone to pick up trash for four hours. We welcome all helpers, even if they can only volunteer an hour."

Participants can pick up trash bags Saturday morning at the following locations:

Oakhurst/Ahwahnee: Oakhurst Library parking lot.

North Fork: North Fork Post Office. Details: (559) 877-2361.

Coarsegold: Tepee, corner of Road 415 and Highway 41. Details: (559) 760-1058

Bass Lake: Pines Village Park.

O'Neals: Highway 41 and Road 200 park 'n ride. Bags available from 8-9 a.m. only.

"If you share our concerns and our vision for a beautiful Mountain Area, join us Saturday for the roadside cleanup," Linda said. Details: Judy Linda, (559) 877-2361, Sandee Scott, (559) 760-1058.

Frequently asked cleanup questions

1. Is this when I put out my discarded household furniture and junk for pick up?

No. There is no such event in Eastern Madera County. The Roadside Litter Cleanup event is for picking up litter that's on our county roadsides. For household castoffs, we suggest yard sales, checking for recycling resources, or using the county transfer station in North Fork.

2. Are there any rewards or prizes for participating?

In addition to the reward of knowing you've contributed to the community, each volunteer will be entered into a drawing for gift certificates to The Fork's Resort Restaurant and Subway Sandwiches.

3. I'd like to participate but don't have a grabber.

At each meeting spot, except for Bass Lake, grabbers can be borrowed.

4. I don't think I can make it all four hours.

Everyone is not expected to pick up trash for four hours. All volunteers are welcome, even if only for an hour.

5. I'd like to bring my child along, but is it safe?

This is not a recommended activity for young children. However, the Boy Scouts in North Fork, accompanied by Scout leaders, have been participating safely for years. Parents could perhaps take your child to school grounds to pick up trash. Whereas that's not exactly the objective of the day, you'll be providing great training for children.

6. Are Highway 41 and Highway 49 being cleaned up?

Those two roads are state highways that fall under CalTrans' jurisdiction. Our focus for the cleanup is on county-maintained roads. Adopt-a-Highway volunteers who have valid permits may choose to cleanup on this day.

7. I'd like to help, but physically I'm unable to.

Call one of the numbers listed below. There may be a way for you to help that doesn't involve physical exertion.

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