Bodys by Boyd artwork 8, 2013 

For more than 15 years Jeff and Sheila Boyd have found themselves creating automotive masterpieces and other forms of artwork.

The couple are proud owners of Body's by Boyd Collision Repair Center located at 40140 Enterprise Drive in Oakhurst and for the past 15 years have repaired, restored and customized automobiles for people all over the world.

The two have worked on numerous projects together including a 1995 Corvette, newer modeled Dodge Viper, and a 1966 Mustang.

Sheila, who specializes in airbrushing, loves what she does and states anyone interested should send an email to her office or call to schedule an appointment.

"Customizing paint jobs on vehicles requires a lot of skill and careful planning. There is a lot that goes in to finding the correct parts and paints to match what the customer and I are looking for," Sheila said.

Sheila artwork does not stop with vehicles. She customizes wedding dresses, leather jackets, helmets, granite fixtures as well as doing airbrush makeup.

A recent customer had her 1995 corvette custom painted by the Boyd's and said she was amazed at the quality of the preparation and artwork.

"I'm very pleased with it, it's superb ... she put it together very beautifully," said the satisfied customer.

Sheila incorporates her love for animals into her artwork but will do any sort of custom work the customer wants.

Sheila says she can remember drawing since she was in kindergarten and loves what she is doing.

Shelia's artwork has been published in magazines including a lengthy feature story in Biker Ally.

Meanwhile Jeff spends time doing what he loves, repairing cars/trucks and prepares the canvases Sheila works on. Sheila said Jeff is the rock behind her work because of the importance of the painting surface (hoods, motorcycles, etc.).

Body's by Boyd specializes in customizing and hand painted air brush paint jobs but also does collision repair, insurance claims, frame and unibody repair, fabrication and original restoration.

Bodys by Boyd will be helping with the car show at the Oakhurst Fall Festival and participated in Sierra Art Trails on the weekend of Oct. 4-6.

more of their work online at

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