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editorial@sierrastarOctober 1, 2013 

The following is fictional: I took out a full page ad in the Sierra Star a few weeks ago. I offered anyone who responded a free dinner in Hawaii, all expenses paid. My only requirement was there would be no dessert.

Within a few short days it was all over Oakhurst that J.R. was a mean, evil person because he refused to pay for the dinner he promised in Hawaii.

The following is reality. The federal government is about out of money and congress must pass legislation to refund the government. Our House of Representatives have agreed to fund all of the necessary requirements to continue a functioning (?) federal government but refuse to pay for a service which may or may not cripple America's future.

The United States Senate refused to pass such legislation and loudly proclaimed that the House of Representatives is shutting down the government.

I've pointed out before that Senator Reid has been sent 40 requests to repeal, repair, replace or postpone the (un)Affordable Health Care scam. That's 40 opportunities to "craft" a response, made collectively by our 100 senators, but not a peep out of good ol' Harry. And the "dessert" hungry idiots, including our egomaniacal president, blame the ones who would willingly pay for dinner.

Contrary to what Mr. Cavanaugh would have you believe, a majority of Americans, American businesses and major labor unions, do not want Obamacare. This whole mess wouldn't be happening if our government had a working budget. The "resolution" in Washington doesn't need to be continued, it needs to be replaced with individuals who are experienced in something other than campaign fundraising and community organizing.

The Obama Administration has to be loving the phony shut-down scandal, it takes the spotlight off his other phony scandals. The convoluted, (that means bass-akwards), reasoning of Obama, his cronies, the U.S. Senate and their supporters, is simply the con game strategy of rats scurrying from one cover up to another.

There were two political pundits on a recent news program discussing what candidate Obama said and what President Obama has done. It was pointed out that Senator Obama shredded President Bush for allowing the federal debt to grow as it had in 2006. Then President Obama almost doubles it. One pundit said, "Well, that's just campaign talk. You can't expect him to follow up on such comments." What? So, there IS no hope, only change, to the detriment of our nation.

Mr. Cavanaugh "explains" that the debt ceiling must be raised again "to pay for things already purchased." If this is accurate then our government spent well beyond it means (again) when the debt ceiling was raised last time. If we need more credit to pay for more credit then we're even worse off than anyone can imagine. Does no one understand the vital need for a budget?

I fear that there are too many well-meaning Americans who, like those who control the White House and the Senate, can't comprehend right from wrong, good from evil, promises from lies, truth from fiction.

If you keep an eye on the world scene, and if you fully realize what is taking place in the Middle East, then you must certainly understand the real true meaning of "Jihad" and the very real threat it poses to our existence as a nation. The majority of those in political office can't comprehend the meaning of "war" and they don't even know who's paying for dinner.

Those who win a seat at the table of our government swear an oath to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. We are currently faced with both and both of them are deadly.

Please note that this column does not contain the following words: Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, or Sociocrat. Mr. Cavanaugh's column of September 26 is an insult to every patriot who wore a tri-cornered hat in 1776, and a personal insult to every veteran who put their life on the line to defend our Constitution which he claims we are "amazingly incapable of fully understanding, truly appreciating or ultimately defending." Truth is not a fantasy. I request Mr. Cavanaugh's apology to the 58,000 Americans who died for his right to do whatever he did during the Vietnam War. Mr. Cavanaugh's take on our Constitution is the "ever careening cartoon." Tragic indeed. Put your tri-cornered hats on and think like exceptional Americans.

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