We shed lots of tears

Letters to the Editor - 9/13/13 edition

September 26, 2013 

Dear Editor,

At the end of last month, a mother bear was injured in a traffic accident on Highway 49 near Ahwahnee. After it was determined it would be merciful to put her down as she was badly wounded and could be a threat, a Sheriff's Deputy obliged. Unfortunately, two young cubs were left to fend for themselves. We decided to try to get them some help as fast as we could. Days turned into weeks without the cubs being sighted, but then last week we found one of them on the side of the road, hit by a car and dead at the same location where his Mother had met her demise.

Our hearts were very heavy and we shed lots of tears that night. After more investigation seeking a solution, The University of California said they would try to assist us. At this writing, we can only hope the remaining cub survives.

Unfortunately, the terrain is such that a trap cannot be placed there.

Another mother bear with a cub was recently hit and killed near North Fork.

These incidents are not a natural way for those bears' lives to have ended. In order for wildlife in crises to get help promptly, please know the Warden's number is 1-888-334-2258. This can be used for emergencies, polluters, or poachers that effect or threaten our environment and wildlife.

Our state has a bear on our flag, but more to the point — our town is strewn with carved wooden bears and tourist trinkets of bears are easy to find. Surely we would develop a campaign to rustle up some local and international interest through the Internet and elsewhere to obtain funding to help our wildlife orphans who struggle to survive because some of us weren't paying close enough attention on the roads and ploughed down their mothers.

Susan Woods,


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