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editorial@sierrastar.comSeptember 24, 2013 

It is almost here — the day of reckoning is coming and there is little that can stop it. The takeover of a huge segment of the economy is about to happen and those who championed Barrack Obama as the man for the job can't wait to hand over the medical care of private citizens to the federal government.

What a shame it is that we will witness what is the greatest delivery system of medical care ever seen in this world turn into a monumental government program that will prove to be ineffective, expensive, mis-managed, and overburdened with red tape.

I don't agree with Senator Ted Cruz and his attempts to defund Obamacare because it is a plan that goes nowhere. The Senate monarch, Harry Reid, will never let it go to the floor of that chamber, and even if he did, the president would veto the thing so Senator Cruz is wasting our time. It's coming. I don't like it, but it is coming.

I hope that those amongst us who voted in the people who voted in the plan will never complain about the lack of medical care for their families or themselves. They need to ask themselves a few questions.

Why is it that those who championed this great act of socialism have exempted themselves from its effects? Nancy, Harry, Barrack, and their ilk are safe from it, by law.

The unions were all for it and now are seeing the effects of what they touted as good for everyone. Why do they want an exemption? I do think the president cut a deal with the AFL-CIO chieftain because they were screaming like stuck pigs and have now softened their concerns. That deal will come out shortly.

The unions are now seeing that management is cutting back hours of employees to 29 hours per week to avoid having to give medical care benefits to those employees. What are those families to do with the loss of that income?

Where will my liberal friends be in a little over a year when the Obamacare health insurance tax kicks in? That tax will be assessed on to anyone who has a "Cadillac" plan and the tax will be a whopping 40% on the amount of the premium the person pays in excess of what the presidents bill says is what should be paid for healthcare. In other words; you decide that you want to pay more out of your pocket to provide you and your family with a higher quality insurance program than the people who have decided to allow Uncle Barrack to give them. Since you have decided that you want to pay this increased premium the president and his supporters are going to tax you 40% of that premium. They know what will happen; you will drop your "Cadillac" plan and cave in because you can't afford that penalty. What happened to the statement, "You can keep your healthcare plan if you like it." He left off the part about crushing you with a tax of 40%.

A couple other questions arise. Why have premiums climbed when he promised they would decline? What about the CBO projections that the plan will cost many times the amount projected by the community organizer?

Doctors are leaving the system. Why? Because the system cuts their payments for services to a rate that makes it impossible for them to stay in business. Will those of you who voted for this guy please not complain when you can't get an appointment? Will there be an available doctor here in this area when the government makes it impossible for a medical professional to stay in business?

The young folks among us are smart kids and they are just not going to buy into the plan that charges them more than they are currently paying so that the older folks can pay less. When that happens the system collapses. Then what will we do? Those who voted this plan in will have their care and those voters who supported them will be in the streets with the rest of us.

The big question that remains unanswered is how we are going to remedy the disaster caused by all of this un-read but voted in legislation?

The thought of the government taking over our medical care makes me sick to my stomach but I doubt that Obamacare covers that ailment.

You wouldn't eat in a restaurant where the chef or staff wouldn't eat. Why would we want a medical plan that its creator won't use?

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