How sad

September 17, 2013 

Dear Editor,

How sad to read about the state of the Oakhurst Community Park (Sept. 5 and 12 editions). I enjoyed the park a lot when I lived in Oakhurst but would never use now. The last time I was there planning to have lunch, I was approached by a woman who thought I was bringing the daily lunch from local churches. While the intentions are good ones, it's like feeding stray cats without taking any responsibility for their welfare.

Unless one is willing to do more than just hand out a sandwich, stop. One might follow the example of Poverello House in Fresno where they work with people to get them off the streets not just hand out a free meal. Now you have a group of people creating a hostile/dangerous environment in a public space. I don't understand how the rights of the majority are constantly ignored while so much attention is given to the "rights" of the people creating the problem.

Lynda Daley, Fresno

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