Exceptional country

September 17, 2013 

I'm sorry Vladimire Putin, but we are an exceptional country. We are exceptional for so many reasons and they need to be addressed here. Mr. Putin took advantage on the 11th of this month of attacking our president and this nation in the opinion section of the New York Times. That alone shows how exceptional we really are. I doubt that Pravda would allow President Barrack Obama to write an editorial to be read by millions of Russian telling them the things that are wrong within the former Soviet Union or what doesn't work under the heel of communism. Never going to happen. No exceptions.

In this exceptional country anyone, be it Putin or the average Joe on the street may be critical of the way the president of the United States is doing his job and not be arrested. I guess one could argue that anyone in Russia could state that the president of the United States is doing a poor job without being arrested but I wouldn't suggest they criticize Putin. No exceptions.

For Putin to attack this country or our president while talking about God is insulting. This Russian tyrant is an atheist and he has had thousands arrested, jailed and killed due to his lacking of any real moral standards. I don't happen to agree with President Obama politically but I do believe he has a set of morals and a belief in God. Putin was wrong on this as well.

As to the exceptionalism of America I think we are exactly that. When there are disasters around the world, there are Americans lined up to help with aid, money, medical treatment, equipment, and we are there to help and then depart. No strings attached. No exceptions.

When people tire of the oppression of their governments they seek a home in the United States. Only Ed Snowden is dumb enough to head to Russia as opposed to living here. He will soon learn the stupidity of his thinking. Mr. Putin needs to share why so many Russians have emigrated here and Snowden is the one exception of desiring to head there.

Putin need only look at Eastern Madera County to see what America is all about. Tens of thousands of volunteer hours each month for charitable organizations and our neighbors in other areas see nothing exceptional about it because they do the same thing in their communities.

Millions of dollars donated every year from this community and those in need find help here from strangers who do the fundraising every year without exception.

After Snowden has been living in Russia for 50 years he will still be the American exile. When a Russian immigrates to this country they may declare themselves American after a few seconds. This is a nation of immigrants and we all have people who came here from somewhere else. This country is the only country on the earth where is doesn't really matter where you are from or where your folks were from you can still call yourself an American. No exceptions.

When Europe was under attack from the Germans during two different wars in the last century it was the Americans who saved the day. No GI went stating he would fight for everyone except the Russians. No, our boys died saving mother Russia from conquest exceptionally well.

If Putin wants to see what we can do he should look at medical care, quality of life, standard of living, religious freedom, technology advancements, care for the weak and infirm, charity for others, freedom for citizen's, among others and he would find that, without exception, the people, the government and the core values of this great land are, without exception, far better than what mother Russia has to offer.

Putin took advantage of President Obama's misstep with the events in Syria this past week and the president must endure the political fallout that comes with those mistakes. However, I do take exception with Putin's attempts to take the moral high ground over my president. There I take exception.

I don't agree with Barrack Obama on much and I think he hasn't done a good job with the issues surrounding foreign policy but I wouldn't think for a nanosecond that Putin is a better man as a human being than President Obama.

Mr. Putin, I really am not sorry that we think this is an exceptional country. I am pleased to say that we don't think it — we know it.

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