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Letters to the Editor - 9/12/13 edition

September 10, 2013 

Dear Editor,

What is happening to our Mountain Area, when a mother can't even take her children to a high school football game without fearing for their safety?

Last Friday I took my younger two children ages 14, and 11, to the first home game of the season at Yosemite High School, while my oldest performed with the band. I had no idea what my 11-year-old daughter was going to be put through.

It would appear that for reasons known only to the group of bullies, she was targeted. It started by a boy elbowing her glasses back into her face, causing two black eyes. Then this group continued with cursing at, spitting on, hitting, and throwing items at her. Even after she had escaped the group, they followed her and continued to harass her.

While she was talking to me, and a school official, they continued to curse at and belittle my daughter. What is the consequence of their actions, you might ask. That is exactly what I want to know.

What kind of parents teach their children to beat up on those children who are smaller, and more vulnerable than them? I am concerned with the fact that this could happen at the game and no one, adults or other children did not notice anything.

Jamie Butler, Coarsegold

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