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September 3, 2013 

My fellow columnist Peter Cavanaugh issued a challenge in his Aug. 22 column which I gladly accept. But first, what he wrote prior to making the challenge has left me scratching my head.

His first 10 paragraphs were spent blaming Reince Priebus, National Committee Chairman of the Republican party, the Republican party itself and the Tea Party for the Arab spring, summer, winter and fall, and all the slaughter affiliated with radical Islamic terrorists. These evil Republicans are also blasting two semi-major networks for wanting to spend millions to anoint Madam Clinton, the video-touting queen of "what difference does it make," as the hottest ticket for preezy of the united steezy.

If memory serves me right, major networks said they had fairness in mind when Ronald Reagan's movies were not shown during his candidacy for president. What a difference a few decades make from when fairness and common, practical sense was a journalistic standard. Then, of course, it may just have been a way for the media to suppress any positive image of the conservative candidate. Gosh, that would be unusual.

What is most disconcerting is Mr. Cavanaugh's labeling Texas Senator Ted Cruz as "a hater of mankind." That's pretty heady stuff even for a progressive sociocrat. Considering Mr. Cavanaugh's label of Senator Cruz I must join those ranks because I too urge and support the abolishment of our totally out of control IRS and a return to our Constitution, Article 1, Section 8.1.

If there is a misanthrope in Washington D.C that we should watch with a jaundiced eye it's our president who, as a so-called law professor, doesn't even know the meaning of the words "fair" or "equal," and has blatant and total condescending disdain for anyone conservative.

Mr. Cavanaugh does agree with the spender-in-chief, that $17 trillion is not enough debt so just raise Washington's credit limit and let the devil take tomorrow.

Then there's the challenge: Mr. Cavanaugh's challenge is related to the conservative demand for justice regarding Operation Fast and Furious and other "phony scandals." He wrote: "I herein defy anyone, particularly area pundits, to produce a single shred of actual evidence (of any sinister wrong doing) indicating otherwise."

I'll answer Mr. Cavanaugh's challenge the same way progressive sociocrats answer questions; with another question.

Who exactly was indicted, tried and convicted for the totally insane DOJ operation Fast-and-Furious which led to the death of hundreds of Mexicans and a United States border patrol agent?

Our investigator-in-chief promised a full investigation and justice for the death of four Americans in Benghazi. Who exactly is investigating the crime, who exactly has been arrested and being brought to justice?

Who exactly is being held responsible, being indicted and charged with criminal intent at the IRS? Who exactly Mr. Cavanaugh? I can only guess that he must adore Harry "The Rat" Reid, who has been sent legislation to abolish or alter Obamacare 40 times but refuses to bring any of them to the floor of the Senate for a simple vote.

Need I go on? Mr. Cavanaugh describes the investigations into the serious abuse of IRS, NSA, and DOJ power and the death of Americans as a search among "molehills." Disgusting.

My impression of the Obama administration is that of a bunch of sleazy, rats scurrying around a dark, dank, stinking dungeon feeding on filth. When you shine a light on them they all scurry away, hoping you'll shine the light on something else, and continue the same disgusting habits they've always had. And sociocrats defend it.

It's a major responsibility to raise children today to be honest, moral and well educated in our nation's history, with a sincere love and appreciation for our rights granted by our Creator. It's a dirty, rotten shame to need to tell old socialistic "boomers" there ain't no free lunch, no work no eat, want something, earn it, and there's no such thing as "freedom from religion" in the United States Constitution.

I can explain it to you, I just can't understand it for you. Here's the "beef," Mr. Cavanaugh, and it's rotten.

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