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atwoods@sti.netSeptember 3, 2013 

Next Wednesday, Sept. 11, marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attack on America when our fellow citizens were killed by evil-doers intent on destruction and death. On that day Americans stood with one another and we got through the horrors and then on Sept. 12, we really showed the world our mettle.

Let's remember that America on Sep. 10, 2001 was rather complacent about being attacked. Sept. 11 changed that and Sept. 12 we rallied. President Bush told an audience in New York that it wouldn't be long until those who attacked us would hear from us. A few weeks later, they heard.

In the days after the attacks we heard stories about the heroes of that day. The passengers on a plane who drove the plane into the ground and in doing so saved countless lives on the ground in a targeted city. We saw folks at the Pentagon, including Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld helping the injured there to safety and medical care. We witnessed the heroics of those dear firefighters who walked into the Twin Towers and walked up the stairs while directing 47,000 people down the stairs to safety. Almost 500 of those firefighters died that day.

It was a rescue mission where people were called to action and responded in a heroic manner because that is who we are as a people and that is who they were as individuals.

The call for help went out and those in a position to respond responded. Decisions were made that day to protect America and Americans. The president ordered troops to alert status and commercial planes all across this great land were grounded. The administration showed great leadership as they made a steady stream of difficult decisions that proved to isolate the problems, help the injured, rescue the trapped, recover the dead, and find the scoundrels that caused the situation.

One of our saddest days also is one of those days well will remember as a day when Americans stood together. We were united.

Following the attacks America had to learn to deal with terrorists threats on a daily basis and certainly on the anniversaries of the 9/11 attacks. I think we all were quite nervous on Sept. 11, 2002 wondering what Osama Bin Laden was planning. Our defenses were up to the tasks as there were no attacks on us and it proved our resolve to stay free and safe.

This coming Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the death of four Americans killed in the attack on the embassy staff in Benghazi. The Ambassador had pleaded for additional security to the office of the Secretary of State but was rebuffed. Later as the attack was taking place the president spoke one time in the early hours of the attack with his Secretary of Defense and apparently was so disinterested that he never asked for a follow-up call and he never called the secretary again for the rest of the evening. He was busy packing to head to Las Vegas to collect large sums of money from his supporters the next evening. The military was ordered to 'stand down' and to not assist our men under attack.

The evidence now shows that the White House and the rest of the administration knew that the attack was a terrorist attack and yet in the bowels of the White House and the State Department a plan was conjured up to blame a video for the "unplanned mob riot." They later decried the video and had the producer of that video arrested. He still sits in jail for producing that film which is certainly protected under something the White House seems to ignore, the First Amendment.

Susan Rice went on five different television shows that Sunday telling the lie to everyone that the video was to blame. They knew it was a lie from day one. Later on the president promised the nation that those responsible would be held accountable.

The investigation was run by Eric Holder, who has proven his ineptness time and time again and now one year later nobody, except that video producer, has been held accountable.

So this coming Wednesday I will celebrate the greatness of our country as evidenced by the heroes that reacted to help and to serve. I will remember a president that helped calm a nation's fears, and helped to find those who helped attack us and through the means of interrogation at Gitmo found the information leading to Bin Laden's death.

I will also remember the four killed in Benghazi and remember that they were sold out by the man who packed his bags for a campaign visit to Las Vegas.

Hillary asked what difference. What a difference.

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