Keep proving me wrong

Letters to the Editor - 8/29/13 edition

August 27, 2013 

Dear Editor,

The writings of Alan Cheah and Ellie Schermerhorn just keeps coming. One of their recent columns starts by calling the committee chairman of the Republican Party a "mealy mouthed mouse" and transition into calling a duly elected member of Congress from Texas a "misanthrope."

You season that with outright lies about global warming being "universally confirmed" which it has not. In fact, saner scientific minds are seeing the cyclic nature of temperatures on our planet as normal and that current numbers don't support the widely discredited "sky is falling" claims you keep rehashing.

Then, to keep the pot boiling, you attack the entire legislature of the State of North Carolina for pushing through voter identification laws to eliminate the verified massive voter fraud in the last election. You know full well that their efforts had absolutely nothing to do with restricting any registered voter from their legal right to vote. You show an ID to cash a check or use a credit card. So why not to vote? Makes sense, unless of course you're dead, illegal, or voting repeatedly in multiple precincts?

Despite your protestations to the contrary, you continue to contribute absolutely nothing to meeting our desperate need for all parties to work together to resolve the very real issues facing this country. Name calling and misinformation are the tools of those who can't muster a reasonable and verifiable defense of their beliefs. They are worse than useless. I had thought we could do better.

Steve Hall, North Fork

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