Drinking water ruined

Letters to the Editor for 8/22/13 edition of the Sierra Star

August 20, 2013 

Dear Editor,

The author of the opinion letter ''What the frack''? published in the Star on July 30 can be forgiven for not hearing the 'screams' of the people who have had their drinking water ruined by hydraulic fracking, as these companies pay large cash settlements on the condition that the homeowners don't talk about the cases. The gag order also applies to the families' children, for the rest of their lives.

Several reports have surfaced in recent months detailing how the drilling companies are settling their lawsuits with huge case payouts on the condition that the home owners promise not to tell anyone. I refer the author to the Ruggiero Case in Texas, as well as the Hallowich Case in Pennsylvania as two examples. Each of these cases can be easily researched on any internet search engine. The sources which come up will include very reputable large, daily newspapers, not 'extremist' websites.

We pumped 30 trillion gallons of toxic fracking liquid into the ground in the last few decades, yet somehow none of this will have any effect on our groundwater?

I would ask the author of the letter: If hydraulic fracking is not poisoning our water supply then why are the drilling companies settling for huge amounts, and in secret?

Putting blind faith into the dealings of trans-national corporations is a very regressive and dangerous ideology.

Kriszti Mendonca, Oakhurst

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