Scandals in the attic?

Guest CommentaryAugust 20, 2013 

The IRS scandal is not over — it is still going on. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R. MI) released testimony from an unidentified IRS agent three months after the scandal came to light indicating that the IRS continues to target conservative groups. After national public exposure, it appears that the IRS is unapologetic for their actions and it would seem that, without supervision, are not inclined to discontinue this practice.

The Benghazi debacle is certainly not "over" for the families of those slain in an attack that should have been prevented by our government after repeated requests for help and heightened security. Just because records are sealed and employees at Walter Reed hospital are not allowed to talk about the attack and its aftermath does not make it an event to be "stored in the attic" as "over". The American people and the families of those who died deserve more than closed records because the government is embarrassment at its lack of response. Anybody with any information about the attack is subject to lie detector testing to ensure that no information is being released to the public. While our government watched live events unfold via satellite feed, they allowed a U.S. Ambassador and his bodyguards die after failing to listen to their pleas for assistance. There were Navy Seals in the area tracking down American guns and missiles that were "lost" after Gaddafi was killed but they were not called in to protect the Ambassador and his bodyguards. There were reportedly three Navy Seals who attempted to help on their own but it was not upon orders from our government. Sadly, they ended up giving their own lives trying to protect others. This incident has not been fully investigated and our government has refused to stand up and take responsibility for their inaction.

The infamous words of Hilary Clinton regarding the government's failure to respond to requests for help before and during the attack: "What does it matter now? We need to get to bottom of this" reflect our government's haste to put their mistakes behind them and out of the public's mind as quickly as possible. But I say to Mrs. Clinton: "Yes, it DOES matter". The deaths of these American citizens and the Benghazi issue should not be shelved until the American public is fully informed and the government takes responsibility.

Fast and Furious is not over for the Arizona man who bought one of these guns. He is serving a five year jail term. A family in New Mexico that holds an FFL license supposedly sold a weapon that ended up in Mexico and our government, alleging that they lied on some gun application, is prosecuting them. The mother has already spent 6 months in jail and the father and son have spent 1 year in jail, with a trial set soon. For the families of Brian Tersy, the Border Agent who was killed, and the hundreds of Mexican citizens that were killed by the guns that ATF sent to Mexico, Fast & Furious scandal will never be over.

So our government would like us to "move on" and forget about the many deaths resulting from the disastrous Fast & Furious and the Benghazi affair? Absolutely unacceptable!! This is not politics people; this is the loss of American lives and the derailment of the lives of innocent citizens caught in a government crossfire. Somebody needs to bear the consequences. And to forget the IRS's shameful and unlawful practice of targeting certain groups, whether conservative or not, is like leaving the fox in the henhouse and hoping it all works out without our intervention. We must demand accountability for these incidents and not allow them to be swept under the rug or "stored in the attic" because it is an embarrassment to our government. When the citizens of America, whether government employees or not, need help, our government needs to pick up the phone when we call. You need to pay attention to the consequences of your actions and actually care about us. That is what we need from our government and we would respect our legislators a whole lot more if they took responsibility for their actions or, worse, their inaction.

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