Yosemite High School varsity fall sports schedules

August 20, 2013 

2013 Sport schedules for YHS


8-297:00 p.m.Mariposa County at Yosemite(scrimmage)
9-67:30 p.m.Calaveras at Yosemite
9-137:00 p.m.Riverdale at Yosemite
9-207:00 p.m.Roosevelt-Fresno at Yosemite
9-277:00 p.m.At Mendota
10-47:00 p.m.At Exeter
10-117:00 p.m.At Liberty
10-187:00 p.m.At Kerman
10-257:00 p.m.Chowchilla Union at Yosemite
11-17:00 p.m.Washington Union at Yosemite
11-87:00 p.m.At Sierra
JV games 5 p.m.

Girl's Volleyball

8/226:00 p.m.At Clovis (scrimmage)
9/46:00 p.m.Mariposa County at Yosemite
9/66:00 p.m.At Minarets
9/126:00 p.m.At Madera South
9/13-14TBAMammoth Tournament
9-266:00 p.m.Immanuel at Yosemite
10-86:00 p.m.Kerman at Yosemite
10-106:00 p.m.At Liberty
10/11-12TBAHoover Tournament
10-156:00 p.m.At Washington Union
10-176:00 p.m.Chowchilla at Yosemite
10-226:00 p.m.Sierra at Yosemite
10-246:00 p.m.At Kerman
10-296:00 p.m.Liberty at Yosemite
10-316:00 p.m.Washington at Yosemite
11-56:00 p.m.At Chowchilla
11-76:00 p.m.At Sierra
JV games at 5 p.m.

Boys Water Polo

9-196:45 p.m.At Kingsburg
9-246:45 p.m.Selma at Yosemite
9-265:00 p.m.At Chowchilla
9/27-38TBAAt Sunnyside
10-16:45 p.m.Sierra at Yosemite
10-36:45 p.m.Dinuba at Yosemite
10-86:45 p.m.Kingsburg at Yosemite
10-106:45 p.m.At Selma
10-155 p.m.Chowchilla at Yosemite
10-176:45 p.m.At Sierra
10/18-19TBAClovis West Invitational
10-226:45 p.m.At Dinuba
10-246:45 p.m.At Kingsburg
10-296:45 p.m.Selma at Yosemite
10-315 p.m.At Chowchilla
11-56:45 p.m.Sierra at Yosemite
11-76:45 p.m.Dinuba at Yosemite
JV games at 4:45 p.m.

Girls Water Polo

8-204:30 p.m.Sunnyside at Yosemite
9/6-7TBACentral Valley Showdown, Clovis West High School
9-195:45 p.m.At Kingsburg
9-245:45 p.m.Selma at Yosemite
9-264:00 p.m.At Chowchilla
9/27-28TBABuchanan Invitational
10-15:45 p.m.Sierra at Yosemite
10-35:45 p.m.Dinuba at Yosemite
10-85:45 p.m.Kingsburg at Yosemite
10-105:45 p.m.At Selma
10-155:45 p.m.Chowchilla at Yosemite
10-175:45 p.m.At Sierra
10-225:45 p.m.At Dinuba
10-245:45 p.m.At Kingsburg
10-295:45 p.m.Selma at Yosemite
10-315:45 p.m.At Chowchilla
11-55:45 p.m.Sierra at Yosemite
11-75:45 p.m.Dinuba at Yosemite
JV games at 5 p.m.

Cross Country

8-318:00 a.m.Dinuba Invitational at Dinuba
9-149:00 a.m.Badger 1/2 Marathon at Bass Lake
9-203:30 p.m.Sanger Invitational at Avocado Lake
9-273:30 p.m.Mt. Whitney Invitational at Mooney Grove Park
10-22:00 p.m.NSL Meet at Woodward Park
10-43:00 p.m.Golden West Invitational at Cutler Park
10-58:00 a.m.Madera Invitational at Eastman Lake
10-129:00 a.m.Clovis Invitational at Woodward Park
10/25-265:00 a.m.Mt. Sac Invitational at Mt. Sac, Pomona
11-62:00 p.m.NSL meet at Woodward Park
11-2112:00 p.m.Central Section Finals at Woodward Park
11-309:00 a.m.State CC Finals at Woodward Park

Girls Golf

9-32:00 p.m.Bullard at Riverside
9-42:00 p.m.NSL Mini at Sierra Meadows, Gold Course
9-52:00 p.m.Kingsburg at Yosemite
9-92:00 p.m.Bullard at Yosemite
9-112:00 p.m.NSL Mini at Brighton Crest Golf
9-122:00 p.m.At Kingsburg
9-182:00 p.m.NSL Mini at Madera Municipal Golf Course
9-252:00 p.m.NSL Mini at Pheasant Run Golf Club
10-22:00 p.m.NSL Mini at Madera Municipal Golf Course
10-911:00 a.m.NSL Championship TBA

Girls Tennis

9-33:30 p.m.Hoover at Yosemite
9-43:30 p.m.Roosevelt at Yosemite
9-103:30 p.m.At Chowchilla Union
9-123:30 p.m.Liberty at Yosemite
9-173:30 p.m.At Kerman
9-193:30 p.m.Sierra at Yosemite
9-243:30 p.m.Washington Union at Yosemite
9-263:30 p.m.Chowchilla at Yosemite
10-13:30 p.m. At Liberty
10-33:30 p.m.Kerman at Yosemite
10-83:30 p.m.At Sierra
10-103:30 p.m.At Washington
10-168:30 a.m.NSL Championship TBA

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