'What the Frack?'

Letters to the Editor - 8/15/13 edition

August 13, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Unfortunately Mr. Cheah's column about hydraulic fracturing "fracking" employed considerable misleading and grossly inaccurate information. One assumes that his information was obtained from extremist web sites.

There have been rare instances in which problems have developed due primarily to poor cement jobs of the casing which did not adequately seal the subterranean formations.

One of the new few accurate facts in Mr. Cheah's column was that fracking process has been in use since 1940s. On the order of one million frack jobs have been conducted in the USA since its inception.

There are currently nearly 50,000 active gas wells (and many more inactive that have concluded production) in the USA, and approximately 70% have been fracked.

Here are some facts ad a questions: The facts are that Texas is the second most populous state, ad has more oil and gas wells that all other states combined. More than 98% of the state's land is privately owned by normal, typical people like those of California who have businesses, farms, ranches, and consumes drinking water.

The people of Texas are just as much reason to want clean water as people from any other sat, especially since nearly all of the state is privately owned. The question is this: If fracking is so bad then why haven't we heard the people of Texas screaming about it since the 1940s.

Dave Gordon, Oakhurst

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