Fire safety prevention meeting

August 13, 2013 

On Friday, Aug. 9, Sierra Historical Site Association and the Kiwanis Club hosted their monthly meeting at Cunningham School at Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park on School Road (Road 427).

The program focused on fire safety and the importance of keeping up with safe fire conditions around homes in the Mountain Area. The meeting included guests speaker, fire apparatus engineer, Ryan Davis who elaborated on laws and regulations in regards to fire safety. Davis described the inherent dangers of not trimming and maintain areas around homes. Davis iterated that this is an extremely dry year and conditions are at a premium for starting fires. How members of the community can help with fire prevention and observations.

The meeting started with dinner followed by a guest speaker and slide show put together by volunteer fire spotter, Jeff May. May, who volunteers at Miami lookout, provided information and advice about fires with an explanation of why lookouts, as well as the men and women who work there, are so important. May explained even with modern technology there is no replacement for the human senses. May showed, on projection slides, how an experienced spotter can pinpoint the location of a fire's starting point within 15 feet.

May stressed to importance of locating and relaying information about fires as soon as they begin.

President of the Sierra Historical Site Association, Dwayne Turpin says the meeting was necessary and the timing could not have been better. "I think the meeting was very appropriate and beneficial....two days later we had the West Fire and I hope the people learned something and were able to use the information," Turpin said.

The general public is encouraged to call 911 to report a fires in the area and visit the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection on Road 223.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday Sept. 13 at Fresno Flats Historical Site. The "Cowboy Poet" will be a guest speaker and the general public is invited.

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