Irrational tirade of rhetoric

Letters to the Editor - 8/15/13 edition

August 13, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Everyone has answers but there should be some truth applied. Ms. Schermerhorn's Aug. 8 irrational tirade of rhetoric was bizarre, but I have to give it to her, it was comical. Conservatives are looking for that leader who can have empathy for its citizens, but be equally concerned about the financial health of this nation. They have embraced any color of leader with common sense. Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others fit that alignment. It feels good to hear common sense coming from someone like Dr. Ben Carson. A highly successful, intelligent black man, Dr. Carson is vilified because his conservative values do not meet the agenda of the Democratic Party. Instead the media will focus on the incongruous statements coming from those, like Al Sharpton . The Tea party may be political in nature, but supports a conservative agenda, not any one party. The Tea Party support of individuals having self-reliance (novel idea) disturbs many liberals. Even with a majority feeling that government is too big, they support even larger government involvement. The one distinct character of Tea party organizations is the civilized nature of their actions versus the often raucous, disruptive crowds of liberal organizations.

Its obvious that many editorials distort the truth, but in the aforementioned Ms. Schermerhorn letter, she said that the IRS treated liberal groups equally bad. This is a obvious false statement that has been refuted repeatedly. A USA Today analysis determined that over a 27-month period, not a single Tea Party tax-exempt application was given the green light, while "dozens" of liberal applicants were rubber-stamped. Some liberals even want to smear the independent inspector general for his honest report of this abuse.

As for her comments regarding Mr. Hall's 7/25 letter, they were so ridiculous that you have to just walk away shaking your head. Ms. Schermerhorn has the right to her opinions, but just like our current administration, you can't deny away everything as "phony scandals." The overwhelming majority of Americans do believe they are true scandals, just as they believe that there continues to be a cover up of Benghazi. Accountability should be taught to all of our children and maybe even to the current administration.

Glenn Baxter, Ahwahnee

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