Who are 'they' anyway?

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T.R. WilliamsJuly 30, 2013 

Have you ever wondered who 'they' really are? Those elusive beings that claim to know everything, constantly offering us a plethora of conflicting opinions that change with each rising moon. Where was this great knowledge acquired and how did these sublime entities become such an authority on what is best for us, our families, finances, health and welfare? When did they begin offering us the 'pills' we so eagerly swallow like good little children?

Often we hear 'Authorities' speaking of these wise phantoms, though I have yet to procure their precise origin or identity. Why do we put such faith and trust in the council of these elusive beings?

Why is it when information or instructions are backed by their directive, we so naively heed to it without evidence, critique or closer examination?

When did we simply become gullible puppets on a string, willing misinformed participants in often dangerous ventures?

Countless times I have heard this particular food or that specific nutrient touted as being "good" for us. Then not long after society jumps on the bandwagon do we see horrific variations of side effects and even death associated with the very entity itself. Warnings are issued of "their" new found observations and within the blink of an eye the fallacious details are promptly shoved beneath the proverbial rug.

We are a more and more a society of entitlement. The ever popular "bigger the better, give it to me now" mentality may just be our demise waiting patiently in the wings. In general we seem to leap and ask questions later. Anything offered as free or touting some too good to be true byline we bite hook, line and sinker.

Eagerly we rush to take this shot, eat this super food, drink this magic potion, even if we have no clue who the promoting entity is? Isn't that the same deceptive measure used in the successful design of the modern day ant trap?

Did not our ancestors flock to the carnival carriage, to the false pretense of the traveling medicine man, requiring no proof of legitimacy before diving head first into the realm of false promises? Have we not evolved beyond such primitive ignorance of snake oil miracles?

Could it be that humans are simply becoming guinea pigs? Precisely when did 'they' infiltrate our minds, somehow manipulating us to take their word as religion, no longer thinking for ourselves?

How many supplements including DMAA, phentermine and DNP, or fad diets like Atkins, will they advocate only to find six months later that those adhering to the guidelines are enduring severe health issues — some sadly even losing their lives?

How many times have we watched commercials for miraculous pharmaceuticals that after no more than a few months pass, health warnings for those same drugs are issued? Why do we partake in the countless drugs like the arthritis medicine Celebrex which so blatantly comes with the warning "may cause death?"

Are we not smarter than cattle rushing to the trough? Have you ever really listened to the romanticized commercials selling medication? The side effects should be enough to scare the life out of you — yet we still adhere to their advice. Dr. Oz has even been known to offer advice that 'they' passed down, then several shows later recall precisely the same advice, merely stating that it was misrepresented.

It seems that we are becoming more like lambs to slaughter than Americans. What's wrong with this picture, friends?

Should we not use our own sense of direction rather than entrusting our very lives to the directives offered up by preposterous notions that obviously haven't been properly investigated?

We are so much more than lab rats and test monkeys living in this progressive world, aren't we? So rather than simply taking everything that "they" put before us as indisputable gospel, perhaps we should face the reality that more often than not the motivation behind their advice and guidance might be more deceptive than credible.

It disturbs me that such ambiguity might be perceived with integrity, veracity and the like at the cost of our safety, health and quite possibly our very lives.

What if these presumably deceptive fronts are actually put in place to implement a specific docket? Could such an agenda be merely for their financial gain, advancement or promotion, despite the negative consequences?

Life comes with countless choices each and every day. Shouldn't we be more deliberate, more independently decisive in those choices? Or should we simply continue to accept the suffocation of our free will beneath the blanket of fallacious domination?

So once again I ask, who are 'they' anyway?

Have you ever really listened to the romanticized commercials selling medication? The side effects should be enough to scare the life out of you.

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