Is he wiser in retirement?

July 30, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Former Madera County Supervisor Gary Gilbert, stated in a July 4 Sierra Star letter to the editor, that "current longtime elected officials mentioned in the (Madera County grand jury) report and past retired folks working behind the scenes" have addressed concerns with the county government. However he commends Chief Administrative Officer Eric Fleming for courageously attempting to take on such changes.

Mr. Gilbert must think that he is wiser in retirement than he was while serving Madera County since he is one of those "past retired folks" he claims did not attempt to "address the concerns" within the county.

What he is not mentioning are the findings of the grand jury report which clearly identify Fleming as a man who "uses intimidation and threats" to get what he wants, who lies and withholds information when convenient, and has "publicly and verbally confronted other Madera County employees."

I wonder if Mr. Gilbert is being bullied into supporting CAO Fleming, or is he just as guilty for having such questionable ethics?

Tammy Treat, Raymond

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