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Dr. Bill AtwoodJuly 23, 2013 

At the beginning of this month we celebrated our nation's independence from Great Britain and we enjoyed the fireworks, parades, barbecues, and programs which reflected our joy at being a free and independent people.

During some of those festivities there were readings of the Declaration of Independence and with those readings came the reminders of just what caused a group of people to "dissolve the political bonds which bind them to another."

In Jefferson's masterpiece he spoke for the other delegates of the reasons which impelled them to the separation. A great deal of the complaints had to do with the fact that the delegates, as well as many of their friends and neighbors, had simply become fed up with the way they were being governed by the King of England and the legislative arm of England, the Parliament.

The colonists were upset with higher taxes, greater regulations, hoards of regulators, and threats by the government to control their guns, speech, and religion.

Thomas Jefferson called his king a tyrant. That was quite a charge in those days and made Jefferson a marked man for committing such a treasonous act of not only writing the Declaration but referring to his king as a tyrant. Jefferson's response when asked why he used such a term was essentially that when a leader acts like a tyrant he should be called a tyrant.

I am getting to suspect that many in this country are beginning to see our president in the same vain that Jefferson saw his king. Barack Obama campaigned as a senator and promised as an incoming president that he would have the most transparent administration ever. Great line, but he isn't even close to that lofty goal.

We have experienced "Fast and Furious" and his attorney general isn't held to any standard at all for getting to the bottom of the situation. The border patrol agent got a couple of mentions about his death from the White House but the attorney general has been able to sweep the facts under the carpet.

The raid on the Benghazi compound was botched up from the get-go and the president had one conversation with his top advisers about that night while it was going on and then he went on a campaign trip to Las Vegas. He wasn't too concerned about his ambassador. Hillary was allowed to ask what difference it made and the president did not seem to care.

The IRS used its great legal power to suppress the voice of Conservative opponents of the president, and the president uttered a few words but showed little outrage at citizen's being punished for their political views because they disagreed with the president.

The IRS chief has been in the White House more than 150 times and the president or his staff has to have been working on the plan of action which we now have proof did not develop in Ohio at the desks of rogue agents.

The president's AG isn't going after Black Panthers who threatened white voters in the last election. He has opted to not enforce laws of immigration because the Congress passed rules he doesn't like. He has decided to violate the Affordable Healthcare Act employer mandate until after the election of 2014 with no legal authority to do so.

He rules by executive order; appoints people during a "non-recess" period of the Senate; and threatens a single citizen who was found not guilty by a jury in a court case with charges of a civil rights case. During the election, he promised Detroit that he would never allow it to go bankrupt. He sent out Susan Rice to lie to the nation. He promised lower insurance premiums and was not truthful. He sees the killing of soldiers at Fort Hood as a workplace issue to protect his political statements that terrorism is dead. His administration is overseeing the building of a storage facility so that the government may monitor our telephones, emails, and now even our travel with the photography of our license plates as we move about.

He lied about no taxes being increased for folks making less than $250,000 and we know that is a lie and his signature piece of legislation is set to take over a sixth of the economy. He has divided this country racially more than we have been for 50 years and our allies haven't a clue where we stand because he leads from behind. It seems he goes after folks who disagree with him and rewards those who contribute to his coffers.

It appears he has forgotten that while he may be the president of the United States, he works for us.

Jefferson was right when he called his king a tyrant. I wonder what he would be calling the president.

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