They're baaack

July 23, 2013 

I have spent many years observing the actions of those who claim to be liberal and those who espouse conservatism. In actuality, we all possess a certain amount of both.

I say I've been observing their actions because I do believe in the old adage, "Actions speak louder than words."

On the proverbial grand scale of events, the liberal agenda's actions demonstrate a lack of maturity. Like a whiny, spoiled brat, they just can't seem to take the answer for an answer.

The Zimmerman self-defense trial didn't go their way so they make it a racial issue, which it was not, and if it's not their way we all must pay. That sounds more like what narrow minded Conservatives are accused of.

The voting majority in California said no to homosexual and lesbian "marriage" but the whiny brat Liberals want to make it about equality, which it is not, and overrule what is right. What's right about their narrow mindedness?

The voting majority in California said no to Indian gaming on non-tribal lands. This time the greedy, blood-sucking government sided with the whiny brats to once again override the will of the people. Too many Liberals simply ignore the rule of law.

California voters said yes to a high speed rail system but our liberal spending government has ignored the will of the people and turned it into a debt which will never be paid in our lifetime. Where is the good in the actions of those who champion their liberal agenda?

Just like the spoiled brat who won't take no for an answer, they just keep coming back, which brings me to my actual topic: the yellow legged frog.

I have come to notice that our Environmental Protection Agency is probably the most conservative agency in our government. Of course it's to our detriment because they operate with the belief that mankind is what is most threatening to our environment. They never learned, growing up, that God created the heavens and the earth and that He made man to be a "husband" over His creation. (Sorry, I forgot that most people now-a-days don't know the meaning of the word "husband.")

Many scientists are out of step with the EPA and contend that it is the natural process of the environment itself, not mankind, that is the biggest detriment to that poor little frog. Those who bought into the evolutionary bilge being promoted by our government-run educational system should be the first to understand that evolution is all about the survival of the fittest. The EPA is once again working to deny liberty to mankind in favor of the frog.

I often reflect on how the quality of life would be so much better if only we had Dodo birds and dinosaurs. I simply don't know how we have survived without the wooly mammoths. Now the yellow legged frog? What will we do if they're all eaten by spotted owls?

Governmental evolution has finally done in Detroit and other major cities which, in my opinion, is the result of actions taken by the Liberal agenda, again and again and still some more. Like whiny brats, they just keep coming back.

Note: I'm glad Mary Herrmann clarified the despicable witch hunt against our president regarding the IRS, (Published in the Star's letters to the editor section, July 4). In spite of the apology issued by the IRS and Field Marshall Lois Lerner taking the fifth, Ms. Hermann and MSNBC reporter Lawrence O'Donnell should be in charge. They have the answers.

Mr. Cheah's column of July 4 was informative. His last paragraph denounces: "The policies of exclusion."

Yes, I exclude perversion of marriage such as sodomy. Does he support the legalization of sodomy? He denounces hate. Christians hate what's wrong, not the person.

He won't accept intolerance but will not tolerate the evidence of obvious crimes of our crooked federal government. Bigotry is a major issue. He has to look no further than our government and its statistics of the labeling of our race, creed, and color.

Does he speak of "mob rule" or majority rule? Just exactly what is the foundation of belief of those who, like Mr. Cheah, wish to impose perversion and discrimination against doing what's right?

I do appreciate his statement last week that we must work together however. There is a pox on America's quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and it's called progressive liberalism.

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