Nathan Hodges wins his 6th All-Around Logger title

54th event raises $14,000 for North Fork Rec Center

editor@sierrastar.comJuly 9, 2013 

Nathan Hodges entered the elite class of loggers July 7 by winning his 6th "All-Around Logger" title at the 54th Annual Loggers Jamboree in North Fork.

Although Hodges has a daunting task to tie Jim Taylor of Redding, who has 13 "All-Around Logger" titles, he does join North Fork logging legend Dyke Fink in second place with six titles each. Hodges won four straight titles (2005 - 2008), won again in 2011 and now has the 2013 title.

Born on the central coast and raised in North Fork, Hodges, 28, has participated in the North Fork Loggers Jamboree for 10 years.

"My family has been going to the Jamboree since I was little and I decided to give it a try in 2004, and have been entering the Jamboree ever since," said the huskey 5-foot-11, 225 pounder.

Hodges said he was a little concerned at the beginning of the day when he lost the choker setting to Charlie Rose and the ax throw to Buck Scroggs, finishing second in both events.

"I've won choker setting five years in a row," Hodges said. "This year I took second and that made me a little nervous, and then Buck won the ax throw. My main competition was beating me and that put me behind in the point standings right off the bat."

Hodges said about half way through the day he won two hand bucking events back-to-back.

"It was then that I knew I had a good chance of winning it all," Hodges said.

Hodges said the hand chopping is his favorite event because it's by far the most challenging and takes a lot of discipline. In hand chopping, contestants stand over a 36-inch circumference log and chop through it as fast as they can.

Hodges said he was proud and excited to win his 6th title over the past nine years.

"It takes a lot of hard work and some luck to be the All-Around Logger," Hodges said. "You have to be good at all the different events — You can't be good in just one or two to win the All-Around title."

The last time Jim Taylor won the title was in 2004, the year Nathan entered the Jamboree for the first time. Taylor took a liking to Nathan, presenting him with a chopping ax and telling him "You are a natural in these logging events.'

It was the very next year that Nathan won his first of six titles.

The Jamboree has been a big part of the Hodges family tradition and Nathan has encouraged other family members to compete including his little brother Jerry (hand chopping, double hand bucking), father Pat (ax throw and log birling) and mother Cathryne Hubbel (ax throw, Jack and Jill bucking and power saw). This year Nathan and his 49-year-old father easily won the double hand bucking contest with a time of 10.4 seconds.

Nathan earned points towards the championship by winning two events — The double hand bucking contest with his father Pat, 49, and the Jack and Jill double bucking with partner Kitty Lavell. Hodges earned additional points by placing second in three events — ax throw, choker setting and hand chopping and third place in the tree falling contest. Hodges rounded-out his day with a fifth place finish in the stock power saw event.

A contractor and owner of All Phase Construction, Hodges also serves as project manager for the North Fork Mono Rancheria Housing Authority.

Nathan's wife, Melissa, says all the contestants at the Jamboree are 'like' family and some 'are' family.

"My brother Jeff Shamblin won the Pro-am contest this year, and placed fourth in stock power saw," Melissa said. "We see good friends at the Jamboree and the other out of town logging events we go to, and it's always like a big family reunion. We like supporting the event because it raises money for the North Fork Rec Center, and this year we sponsored Jamboree Queen Rebecca Moisa."

This year's event raised $14,000 for the upkeep of the Rec Center, that provides a free summer program for the children of North Fork.

This year's Jamboree Queen is Rebecca Moisa, 16, a sophomore at Chawanakee Academy and daughter of Rudy Moisa, Jr. and Jeneice Baison.

Grand Marshals are Ken and Marcia Goodwin. Little Logger is Jonathan Bebout, 2, son of Hayden and Lacie Bebout, and Sundance Parra, 5, daughter of Katie Parra and Kyle Alcorn, is Little Princess.

Co-chairs of the event are Jessie Hutchens and Cathey Thornburg. Thornburg said the committee is already looking forward to next year's event and the Loggers Jamboree is one of the 150 events being featured during the Yosemite Grant Celebration.

Hodges is also looking forward to next year.

"I hope to break my record of four consecutive All-Around Logger titles," Hodges said.

2013 Loggers Jamboree results

July 6 Pro-Am finishers

  1. Buck Scroggs/Jeff Shamblin
  2. Nate Hodges/Jed Davis
  3. Bill Davis/Brian Davis
  4. Jerami Middleton/Jerry Hodges

Jason Tayor Ax Throw

  1. Pete Curtiss
  2. Jeff Shamblin
  3. Mike Morrow
  4. Nate Hodges

Working Saw

  1. Bill Antill
  2. Keegan Childress
  3. Jessie Hutchens
  4. Mike Morrow

Sunday Pro results

Ax Throw

  1. Buck Scroggs
  2. Nathen Hodges
  3. Mike Wires
  4. Dale Tex
  5. Bob Maldonado


  1. Burl Wade
  2. Jerry Hodges
  3. Nate Hodges
  4. Pat Hodges

Choker Setting

  1. Charlie Rose - 18.62
  2. Nathan Hodges - 19.25
  3. Buck Scroggs - 19.44
  4. Indy Elming - 20.10
  5. Bill Davis - 20.47

Double Hand Bucking

  1. Nate and Pat Hodges - 10.90
  2. Mike Morrow/Bill Antill - 14.0
  3. Jerry Hodges/Jason De La Cruz - 17.16
  4. Burl Wade/Rick Shurtz - 17.40
  5. Tom Wheeler/Daniel Ching - 17.42

Hand Chopping

  1. Bural Wade - 31.89
  2. Nathan Hodges - 35.61
  3. Ricky Shurtz - 1:12.49
  4. Jason De La Cruz - 1:51.33
  5. Jerry Hodges - 2:12.49

Hot Power Saw

  1. Mike Morrow -
  2. Indy Elming -
  3. Tim Elming -
  4. Bill Antill -

Jack and Jill Double Bucking

  1. Nathan Hodges/Kitty Lavell - 11.94
  2. Tom Wheeler/Anne Melrose - 15.59
  3. Jerry Hodges/Cathy Hodges - 16.36
  4. Mike Morrow/Susie Lavell - 18.65
  5. Ricky Shurtz/Lizzie Ebert - 22.21

Ladies Ax Throw

  1. Ashley Pinkerton
  2. Sherri Pinkerton
  3. Kathy Logee
  4. Christina McDonald
  5. Jessica Coleman

Ladies Power Saw

  1. Kathy Logee - 13.99
  2. Patricia Evans - 14.8
  3. Cathy Hodges - 15.33
  4. Susie Lavell - 15.33

Stock Power Saw

  1. Bill Davis - 25.20
  2. Tom Wheeler - 26.53
  3. Bob Maldonado - 27.07
  4. Jeff Shamblin - 27.16
  5. Nathan Hodges - 29.05

Tree Falling

  1. Burl Wade
  2. Buck Scroggs
  3. Nate Hodges
  4. Charlie Rose
  5. Bill Davis

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