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July 9, 2013 

You have to hand it to the President. He is a clever politician who saw that his signature piece of legislation, The Affordable Health Care Act, AKA Obamacare was going to become a political liability for the democrats in the elections of 2014. He saw that the unworkable program was going to kick in and he and his comrades needed to make a hasty retreat from their grand design and save the party from an election day disaster.

His administration announced through a lower level underling, as the president leads from behind and the shadows to avoid criticism, that the mandate for companies won't be enforced until after the elections.

If this program is so wonderful and if the IRS is as ready as the Secretary of Health and Human Services declared only weeks before, then the actions of the Obama White House begs the question—why wait?

The answer is simple — the program is going to cause a great deal of angst in the country when those mandates begin to become enforced laws.

Already we have seen that insurance companies are pulling out of the individualized health care market here in California because they can't afford to offer the product here. People are finding that their employers are cutting back their hours to 29 or fewer so that they don't have to provide health care benefits to their employees. They are doing this not to be mean but to remain in business.

I haven't met one single twenty-something who is going to purchase the mandated insurance because the Obama folks have stacked the deck against the young adults. The young adults will be forced to pay higher than necessary premiums for their age medical needs in order to underwrite the medical expenses of the older folks of my generation. Failure to pay those higher premiums will result in a government imposed fine thanks to John Roberts and his idiotic ruling from the Supreme Court. The twenty-something's are smarter that the government and they will save a great deal of money by not paying for the insurance, paying the fine of a few hundred dollars and then if they get really sick or injured they will buy their insurance as they enter the emergency room of the hospital.

Once the kids refuse to pay those high rates the seniors insurance premiums will not cover the seniors medical expenses so the result will be increase the seniors premiums, increase taxes, deny medical treatments to some, or increase the deficit.

The democrats have some fancy footwork to perform as they defend Obamacare and try to get re-elected. If it was so wonderful that they could pass it without reading it and so wonderful that they knew that the Constitution should be ignored forcing citizens to buy a product they don't want (while exempting themselves and their cronies) those democrats should be very willing to campaign on the platform slogan of, "I proudly rammed the Affordable Healthcare Act down your throat because I know best."

They won't and now the great architect of this program has given them some unnecessary cover for their elections if it is the great legislation that they touted it to be.

The president also knows that the people of this great land are a little concerned that the IRS will be the enforcement agency for the Affordable Health Care Act. After all, under this president's administration we have learned that the IRS has been fair and above board in all of their dealings with American citizens. I shudder to think that people who need medical attention may have a delay in getting that attention if the IRS sees that person as a member of a group who wants to promote understanding of the American Constitution.

Let's hope that this president, or future president's, don't send out "signals" to look at contacts made by folks via e-mail, telephone, or other communication that displeases the governmental leadership and that those "enemies of the state" seem to find their medical procedures delayed by a IRS agent in Ohio.

The Founding Fathers made it clear that they did not trust elected leaders and that they wanted to protect liberty for this nation by restricting power entrusted to the government. The people who wanted the "freebies" voted in the guys who promised more free stuff. Sandra Fluck will still get her free contraceptives.

The president and his minions, aided by the national media have deflected the results of this takeover of our medical care in hopes of avoiding an election day massacre. Eventually the program will be enacted and when people see the costs of health care and the restrictions on that care, they won't like it one bit. Barack Obama won't care one iota as he and his family are exempted from his wonderful program.

So is Nancy Pelosi's family.

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