American History 101

Letters to the Editor - 7/11/13 edition

July 9, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Another 4th of July celebration is behind us. All the bunting has been put away, though fluttering flaglets can still be seen bristling from the vans and pickups of patriots as they zip by us. And all the while I can't help remembering the inscription on a T-shirt I saw a while back in San Francisco.

"American History 101 - 1. JFK – Murdered by the CIA with help of Dallas Police Force. 2. RFK – Murdered by the CIA with help of the Los Angeles Police Department. 3. MLK – Murdered by the FBI with help of the Memphis Police Department. Class dismissed."

When you think about it, need more be said? Is there something more important in the political arena than bringing the perpetrators of these crimes to justice? Because indeed they are still at large and continue to infest our lives.

News anchor people like Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw are paid well to be as bland as possible, to convince most people that it's best to go back to sleep and accept the poisonous mythology that assures the election of compliant presidents, candidates that assure the military/intelligence cabal that they are not a threat to their hegemony.

JFK? Old news. Time to forget the past and move on, right? But go ahead and get all worked up about gay marriage, abortion, immigration, while the coup manages to ravage the Constitution, fill the skies with surveillance drones, and take habeas corpus away from the people with hardly a whimper.

Don't ask why we can afford prisons but not schools. Don't ask why American workers must lose their jobs to foreign slave labor. Don't expose the national and international crimes of the CIA. As usual, a lot of fireworks, sound and fury, but little substance.

Carl Bosco, Coarsegold

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