Keep sweeping, Eric

July 2, 2013 

Dear Editor,

As a former two term county supervisor, I believe I can speak from experience and personal observations in regards to some of the personnel mentioned in the recent Madera county grand jury report.

Madera County Supervisors Max Rodriguez, David Rodgers and Tom Wheeler have it correct — Madera County Administrative Officer Eric Fleming has a very difficult job to do, especially during these fiscal times. He and the board are making significant progress in transforming the county business model.

If it was going to be easy, some of the current long time elected officials mentioned in the report and past retired folks working behind the scenes would have fixed it under their watch — instead they elected to protect their self-interest.

Resisting change is not new but it is past time to bring trustworthiness, accountability and efficiency into the treasurer tax collector's office. The board of supervisors and the county administrative officer have dealt with many long term issues such as the auditor-controller's office, Fairmead solid waste management contracts, the Madera County Resource Management Agency and untold hundreds of small issues.

As I have always said — a new broom sweeps clean. Keep sweeping Eric.

Gary Gilbert, North Fork

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