Thank you heroes

Letters to the Editor - 7/4/13 edition

July 2, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Yosemite Lakes Park for 27 years. I have never seen so many fires happen in such a short amount of time that we have recently experienced.

When the first couple of fires happened, my husband and I were not that concerned being longtime residents of this community and seeing many fires over the years. But when they started happening on almost a daily basis, we became very concerned for the safety of ourselves, neighbors and the firefighters.

The responding firefighters were awesome. They do a wonderful, professional job. We watched the Revis Mountain fires from our deck on Lilley Mountain. The planes and helicopters were called in quickly in all cases. In those fires, we did not have a close-up view of the firefighters on the ground, but it was reported how diligently they worked to extinguish these fires to prevent the loss of property or lives, human or otherwise.

My husband and I also witnessed the fire that occurred on Big River Way off of Lilley Mountain Drive in May, that resulted unfortunately in the loss of a home. Again, an awesome job was done by all personnel involved in fighting that fire.

However, we are appalled at residents that chose to be "looky loos." Lilley Mountain Drive became a freeway. People, you put yourselves in danger, the firefighters in danger, the airplane pilots, helicopter pilots, law enforcement, and other residents.

Stay away from fire areas so they can do their job. How bad would you feel if curiosity caused even more problems?

Let's be mindful of what these heroes do for us and let them do their job.

Thank you heroes. Your hard work is appreciated.

Laura and Jim Blinn, Coarsegold

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