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ttuell@sierrastar.comJuly 2, 2013 

Watch out — a litter of little pink pigs might be heading to a lawn or business near you. It only costs $15 to "squeal" a home or business, and all the "squealing" proceeds benefit the La Sierra Guild's Pink Pig Fund. Those funds help support special requests from medical departments at Children's Hospital Central California in Madera.

The La Sierra Guild, one of 15 guilds that raise money for Children's Hospital, kicked off the "squealing" event June 12 in the Mountain Area. Since then, they have "squealed" a number of homes and even some businesses.

When someone is squealed they can find anywhere from 15 to 34 pink pigs on their lawn/business front, but the pigs are only there for one day. The pigs are not real — some are wood cutouts and some are made out of old milk cartons.

La Sierra Guild member Patty Spinelli heard of the fundraising idea from the Alegria Guild in Madera.

"I fell in love with it and embellished it to fit the mountains and our guild," Spinelli said. "It just sounded like fun and something that other people in the community could have fun with."

The fundraiser will be held all summer through the end of September. Although it's the first time the La Sierra Guild has held the Pink Pig Fundraiser, Spinelli hopes it will become an annual event. People are encouraged to request "squealings" for their friends, family, or a local business.

"We do it in the morning around 8 a.m. so other people can see it's just for fun and not a malicious thing," Spinelli said. "We ask everyone that's squealing someone to make sure that person will have a good time with it. So far, everyone's been happy and having a good time, so I hope it continues."

One of those people is Troy Richards, manager at United Security Bank. He knew nothing about the pink pig fundraiser until he looked outside his window and saw pink pigs being placed all around the entrance to the bank. When he learned what it was all about, he just started laughing.

"They did an awesome job," Richards said. "It was cute. Customers were asking all day what it was and donating left and right (to the cause)."

The La Sierra Guild only asked that the bank raise $5 for the Pink Pig Fund, but Richards said the bank donated $50 and then customers were busy donating all day.

Guild member Harvey Left set himself up for a "squealing" by missing the guild's initial Pink Pig Fundraiser meeting.

"I was taking a shower in the morning and heard my wife yell, 'Harvey, there's pigs on our lawn,'" Left said. "They were on the lawn and both sides of the house. We thought they were very cute, so we took pictures and put money in an envelope as a donation to La Sierra Guild."

Spinelli said the guild hopes to raise at least $500.

For informations on how you can "squeal" someone call, call Patty Spinelli at (559) 683-4452 or Kathy Millhollon at (559) 641-2505.

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