I was the victim

Letters to the Editor - 6/27/13 edition

June 25, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I would like to clarify a couple points in a story in the "Sheriff's News" in the June 20 Sierra Star.

On Thursday, June 13, me and my girlfriend were going to Vons, when we saw a man being very verbally abusive to his girlfriend and I told him to knock-it-off.

At that point, he basically told me to stay out of it or he would beat me up.

A close friend of mine came up and got between us to stop the argument. Me and my friend were standing there talking, when the man was again yelling at his girlfriend over by Blockbuster video and we could hear her yelling stop it, stop it.

While my girlfriend went into Vons, I walked over to Blockbuster to try to assist the girl.

I walked up and told him again to lay off her as they continued to walk across Highway 49 to the front of the movie theatre.

I walked across the highway and again told him to stop yelling at her. Before I knew it, he had his arms around me and was stabbing me with a knife multiple times in my stomach, shoulder, leg and back. His girlfriend started hitting me while he still had a hold of me. One of my good friends, came up and grabbed the guy and flipped him onto the ground and held him down.

As I was walking away with my wounds, my friend got the knife away from the guy. I laid down on the ground with an eight-inch wound across my stomach and other knife wounds. I was soon air-lifted to Community Regional Medical Center where I underwent surgery and received about 200 staples for all seven knife wounds. I was in the hospital for six days and I am still recovering.

Here's the strange part — My two friends were arrested for battery, after basically saving my life, and I was called a "suspect" in the story — While the man who attacked me with the knife, was called the "victim" in the story, and as far as I know, has not been arrested.

Hopefully, the district attorney will be able to sort this out and have the battery charges against my two friends dropped, and have charges filed against the man who attacked me with the knife.

Tyler Sellers, Oakhurst

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