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J.R. FroelichJune 25, 2013 

"Remember that old saying," my mother would instruct me when she delivered her wisdom. It was given to help me see an improved perspective on the task at hand.

"Haste makes waste" was heard whenever I was jammin' through a chore, you know, to go do something I wanted to do. "He who hesitates is lost" was a favorite when I moved too slow. The proper application of which one to use is a combination of the lost arts of common sense and something called wisdom.

I'm reminded of the old saying, "there's two sides to every coin." At different hours of the day I get my national news from ABC, CBS, the Fresno Bee and yes, I also watch FOX News. The blending of news sources gives me a better perspective, more information if you will, to form my own opinions. Those who receive their news from one particular source or always exclude another, have only part of the picture. Their conclusions are lop-sided.

My wife can attest to the fact that I yell at Bill O'Reilly quite often. My emails to Bill are answered the same as my letters to our president.

I prefer to "call a spade a spade." I've never referred to the murdering, Chicago gangster mob boss as "Mr." Capone. I've never referred to the mass-murdering, socialist, scum-bag as "Mr." Hitler.

We have colorful, descriptive adjectives in the English language for a very important reason — To describe things as we see them. Some may call it "name calling" while others call bullies bullies, gang-bangers gang-bangers, and liars liars.

How about "the rush to judgment?" It worked quite well to free an Arizona mother incorrectly charged with drug smuggling in Mexico. It worked a little slower with an American Marine held in that same country on ridiculous weapons charges. Fox News was most responsible for getting him released.

The Boston Marathon bombers were brought to their own individual justice with open sharing of information in law enforcement. Now Mexico is holding another American Marine hostage.

There's another side of this "rush to judgment" coin. Pick the scandal and Obama's response is, "It's under investigation" unless it's about a white police officer and an unruly black professor, then it's a beer summit. Or how about Trayvon "could-a been my son" Martin, killed by George Zimmerman in Florida. No "investigation," no facts or trial for "Mr." President to "rush to judgment." If the colors were reversed the left would be screaming "racist." No wisdom there.

How about, "justice is blind?" It would appear that justice has also been gagged. So, what happened during fast and furious? A dead American Border Patrol Agent. No transparency there, only "executive privilege." Just who exactly was held accountable for the death of that American?

What happened in Benghazi? The investigator-in-chief told the world for weeks that it was caused by an anti-Muslim video. Where are the survivors and the transparency? Hillary stopped the buck, not the bullet, yelled "what difference does it make," and quit. Why hasn't she been indicted for the death of four Americans? Tell us exactly why Susan Rice lied five times on national television.

I believe that "There's something rotten in Denmark." Millions of tax payer money wasted at the GAO and billions more wasted by president 'green jobs.'

And there's the warrant for the phone records of APS reporters signed by Eric "The Bumbler" Holder. Are you a Verizon customer? The one that surpasses "Tricky Dick" Nixon; the IRS.

Ah, yes. The lovable IRS. Our supposedly non partisan tax collectors used their power to target and suppress ideals contrary to those in the White House. President 'pretty promises' wants the IRS to administer socialized rape of our health care system. This total incompetence and Chicago-style sleaze, should be the last straw prior to impeachment, depending on where you get your information.

Don't you just love Obama's changing of America? He actually is transparent. He's a talented speechmaker in an empty suit, paid for by our taxes.

Here's some new words of wisdom I learned recently: "I can explain it to you, I just can't understand it for you."

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