Crisis point for Sierra Historic Sites Association

Letters to the Editor - 6/20/13 edition

June 18, 2013 

Dear Editor,

How many of you have enjoyed the Heritage Days parade, Ragtime Festival or had a child take a field trip to Fresno Flats?

All these activities have the possibility of becoming just memories in Oakhurst's history. The shrinking active membership of the Sierra Historic Sites Association has been struggling to maintain the historic buildings and activities for the public.

It has now reached a crisis point where there is not enough members able to fill the board positions let alone plan the extensive activities of Heritage Days. Please consider donating a few hours of time each month to keep this gem in our midst operating.

We have two buildings that are the last known of their architectural type in California. These draw over 500 school children each year on field trips that enliven their understanding of our state history. Your time or resources that you can offer can make the difference on whether this park and the historic buildings will be available for the rest of this year and the years to come.

Cathy C. Turpin, Oakhurst

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