Lots of concerns with administration

Dr. Bill AtwoodJune 11, 2013 

It is a disgrace. While some make jokes about what is going on in our nation's capitol and others are burying their head in the sand our government is changing and our Constitution is being ignored.

Many don't pay any attention to the news and just figure that ignorance is bliss. Others get their news from comedy shows and think it is enough and others only look to one source for their information. Mainstream news media ignore the scandals but cover fluff.

Last week the President told a group in the Rose Garden that we should not be concerned about the government secretly gathering data on every single one of us. He said that 'big brother' isn't watching. The most transparent administration ever is spying on all of us. They can take that data, skew it to reflect what they might need to attack their political enemies and voila ... we have a dictatorship.

We have had the IRS admit to targeting a group of citizens because those citizens want to exercise their Constitutional rights. Just last week in the Fresno Bee a man stated he was happy the Tea Party was being targeted because he finds the Tea Party types to be wrong in their thinking.

The HHS secretary showed us the power of the federal government in healthcare decision making when she required a judge to order that a girl be placed on a list to possibly receive a lung transplant. That ruling was the same as saying no lungs for you — So die.

When an NBA star came out of the closet the president had time to call him and congratulate him on his courage to make that move. The president hasn't had time to respond to the mother of one of the four dead heroes of the Benghazi attacks to answer her questions.

We are hearing about wasted spending for conferences for the IRS and hearing about "man caves" at the EPA which costs us millions of dollars. We have school teachers buying supplies out of their own pockets and the IRS wastes money on plastic squirting fish?

The attorney general was asked if the DOJ was spying on members of Congress and he stated he did not want to answer such a question in an open setting situation. In other words he did not want to reveal whom they were watching. Frankly his answer should have been, "NO."

The president's thugs have gone after journalists and they are now more upset about who leaked the Verison phone records story to The Guardian than the fact that the public is upset over the spying.

So I have some questions for those who still believe that the man selling his snake oil as "hope and change".

If the IRS had targeted groups such as the NAACP, NOW, PETA, the ACLU, or the Mountain Democrats would you accept that? I wouldn't. If a Republican president had gone after the phone records along with looking at the Internet activity of every American would you be comfortable with that? I wouldn't.

Doesn't it concern you that the head of the IRS visited the Obama white house, by invitation, more than 150 times and yet during the Bush white house years only once?

Shouldn't the president just tell us where he spent his time during the Benghazi attack? If the president was telling the truth during the election that terrorism was diminished and the terrorists on the run how does he explain the Boston bombing? Why do we need more surveillance?

Why does the president insist that the Fort Hood killer wasn't a terrorist which means the families of those killed and the soldiers who were injured may not collect benefits? That killer still collects his pay because of the Obama ruling that it was workplace violence.

Are you even a little concerned why was James Rosen targeted by Eric Holder as a "co-conspirator?" I am.

Are you happy that the president has provided a shield to Susan Rice by naming her to be the head of the National Security Agency? How is it that a former Constitutional law professor doesn't seem to understand the concepts of the Bill of Rights?

There are other questions to be sure but my greatest concern about what is going on is that we have an administration, buoyed by a bunch of lap dogs in the national media, who are making a great power grab. When questioned they don't answer the questions but attack the person asking the questions.

It seems that the president and his minions are simply incapable of leading this nation. They campaign well and they attack their enemies well, but he doesn't lead. That's a great concern.

Hope and change?

They hope we change the subject.

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