Concerned about firing of volunteer captain Kernaghan

Letter to the editor 6/6/13 edition

June 5, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I was very concerned upon reading in the Sierra Star May 23 that our outstanding community volunteer, Bob Kernaghan, was given a notice of termination of his position as a volunteer firefighter. No reason was given for this decision to my knowledge, and it went into effect immediately.

This decision is all the more shocking when one considers that at the time of termination, Mr. Kernaghan was serving as the elected captain of the Oakhurst Volunteer Fire Department (Station 12).

Having served on the Fish Camp and Cedar Valley Volunteer Fire Departments many years ago, I realize the tremendous time commitment and personal sacrifices each volunteer firefighter makes, especially the captain. I have observed Mr. Kernaghan in his role as Cedar Valley and Oakhurst fire captain in numerous events over many years, and I have nothing but the highest praise for his service, character, dedication, integrity, and professionalism.

The decision regarding Mr. Kernaghan is even more distressing when one considers the recent grand jury report concerning the under-staffing of our volunteer fire departments in Eastern Madera County.

I believe a serious mistake was made and can be corrected by reinstating him as Oakhurst's volunteer fire captain.

If you feel the same, please write a letter to the Madera County Board of Supervisors, 200 West Fourth Street, Madera, Calif., 93637, and send a copy to the director of Cal Fire, 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, Calif., 94244-2460.

I genuinely believe Mr. Kernaghan is one of this community's most outstanding volunteers.

Skip Bullock, Oakhurst

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