Stomach not strong enough

Letter to the editor 5/30/13 edition

May 29, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Mr. Froelich always has a lot to say in his opinion columns and I respect his every right to do so. This is a free country and his freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution. But I must say his name-calling is very off-putting and it certainly distracts from points he tries to make.

He ends up coming across like a grumpy, whiny old man. Or perhaps, he enjoys the attention he gets like a child does.

That being said, I stopped reading his commentaries a while back when I decided my stomach just was not strong enough for them. Nobody is shoving them down my throat. Just as he has the freedom to speak his mind, I have the freedom to ignore them as I do Fox News. I do my best not to pollute my mind.

Ryoichi Morita, Coarsegold

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