What's wrong with this picture?

Letter to the editor 5/30/13 edition

May 29, 2013 

Dear Editor,

While reading your May 23 article on "District Attorney Keitz's wishes" I found out that Judge James Oakley ruled that we, the people, will not get to see a report, paid for by, we, the people. Suddenly, my BS meter went off.

Now, let's get this straight -- we, the people, had to pay out $1.4 million to settle lawsuits brought by employees supervised by DA Keitz. Then, our supervisors ordered a study to find out why there were so many employee complaints about Keitz. The study cost $30,000 (paid for by we, the people) and took two years -- two years? Really, it took two years to figure out what's wrong?

So, Keitz hires an attorney to hide the report from we, the people. What's wrong with this picture? Did your BS meter just go off? And then Judge James Oakley orders the report sealed away from, you guessed it, we, the people. Did your BS meter just hit tilt?

In the same paper, DA Keitz writes an opinion piece slamming the findings of the grand jury -- who represent we, the people.

There is an election coming up soon and, maybe, we, the people need to clean our house.

Todd Miller, Oakhurst

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